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James Krotz Oct 9
Replying to @SenMcCollister
I voted third party in 2016, as did my wife. But my in-laws were all aboard the Trump Train. After an open and honest conversation about how he has betrayed our evangelical Christian values, particularly regarding refugees, they will not be voting for him in 2020.
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First Name Last Name Oct 11
Replying to @Doc_0
I was in 2016. I still think he is an [expletive deleted], and I still don’t trust many of his instincts, but he is shockingly good when it comes to taxes, regulation, and judges. TRUMP 2020 all the way.
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Gaius Trump 11h
.realDonaldTrump: Trump is an incompetent bankrupt bully with an oversized ego.
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lisa S Marie Oct 8
It’s a disappointingly lonely time to be a South Carolinian. I’ve lost hope in all of them!
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Linda May Holmes 25m
The reason is, Mr Trump, is that you incite violence left and right. The whistleblower and family would probably have to go into US Marshall custody, change their family’s identities and lose all contact with their former lives. That’s a stiff price to pay.
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Ayn Rand Fan Tweets Oct 10
Comments, anyone?Whatever happened to the ? It's now full of and garbage.
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David Morgan 20h
Kasich snubbed Trump at the OH convention hoping it would lead to a momentum of the state voting against Trump. It backfired. Kasich is the invisible man.
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Furious Citizen 12m
Oh, pretty sure you mean Putin. Because no American would be ok with abandoning battle tested brothers and sisters and inncocents we swore to protect, while giving a green light to another country to murder them.
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Don Adams Oct 8
This is why I despise the Left and will never vote Dem. ! !
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Nicholas Molodyko 20h
Replying to @molodyko
The levels of malign incompetence among the Neoconservatives are shocking. If they had been overt rather than covert, they would have gotten results closer to their desires. The gang are perverse in their stupidity.
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K 18h
You nailed it .... Busted, disgusted, and can't be trusted. Add in and it's just another Monday in the news biz.
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Free Thinker Oct 10
How long have you been ?
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Ex-GOP Outcast Oct 11
Excellent thread by . Most important points: “Priority #1 is to remove Trump from office.” and: “No matter which pundits try to bury us, is alive and well.”
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DeepBlueView 12h
Replying to @BreachSurface
2) of Impeachment, defendant/President has full rights to due process as in facing his accusers, cross-examining witnesses, calling witnesses and testifying during his trial in the Senate.
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Political JR Smith Oct 12
Republicans: He must be stopped at all costs, he is uniquely horrible. Republicans after someone mentions gay rights: HE MUST BE CROWNED GOD EMPEROR AND DESTORY THE LIBERALS BEFORE THEY MURDER YOUR CHILDREN
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Randy Penner Oct 12
Replying to @AndrewScheer
You are not thinking about us if you deny climate change is man made, plus your American and you probably support trump. We can’t support trump, ever.
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Lynn Bell Oct 13
Are you scared or just delusional ?
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Chris 48m
Replying to @BradleyWhitford
No. Conservatives are out there, we were from the beginning and still feel that way. The party we supported has gone rogue and has by hijacked.
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DeepBlueView 10h
Replying to @thehill @VP and 2 others
what do you think telling Turkey he would pull out all US soldiers was? You can't make this💩smell any better. If we have a President who doesn't know what he is saying, need to get rid of him before any more damage.
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LDMoney 12h
Replying to @SirHublife
Lindsey would jump straight into an impeachment against Trump if the water felt warm enough. His best bud McCain failed and now he squirms to stay relevant. swamp lizard.
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