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jimmy_c Feb 14
Trump started getting too stoned to tweet the passive aggressive cretin he is
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SOlar Jan 31
Dear friends, I actually managed to get a job in Japanese e-sports a few weeks ago! So pleased, dreams will come true ☺️ currently I'm dealing with a lot of paperwork for the visa, but I'm relaxed now, since my risky move to go Japan finding a job played out well
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Mateusz Klich Jan 26
It’s been a while 👀 ⚽️ Great team spirit 🙏 w: New York Stadium
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Obie & Jerome Katz 8h
Replying to @sab_brad_olly
Unless its because you are being used for a reason that is not positive or productive, then alright, but if the fight is too much, regroup, refit, then come back with a renewed strength and resolve, remember a long journey begins with a single step. ,
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Mateusz Klich Dec 23
Merry Christmas everyone 🎁🎅🏼🌲 w: Villa Park, England
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Georgina Carson 17h
Missed bouncedown for because we couldn't find a parking space at Blacktown - I'm not even mad because it means people are showing up for in droves 💕
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Sharon Jan 7
Deals with another great game. I like the compete level. Play 'til the horn. I like what I'm seeing.
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I’m Not Sure 16h
Well that was rough. At least if 4 wins is gonna be enough we’re still a chance. Just got to figure out what’s wrong with our structures that Bonner or Bernardi are always isolated in the forward 50.
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Barb Ballinger Feb 12
Replying to @ThisIsROCK2019
i really liked Triumph message guitar rocked music rock.
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Elle 👠 Dec 26
like don’t walk backwards in life
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Jane Stevenson Jan 21
Nice to chat to in today about his loyal Canadian fans who he’s excited to see on his first arena tour since 1986 that starts in June: “Screaming and singing is good.”
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Steve Gothen Feb 14
Really? Put our current PM in his shoes back in 1940 and we’d all be speaking German now!
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JamesonBambico 11h
Confronted by adversity, my courage will never waver. Conquer your goals by embracing new challenges.
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Kato Goldswathe 20h
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lindsey vonn Jan 4
“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” -Arnold
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🎉 A big happy birthday to the big guy 💪 Have a great one, Dawson Simpson! 🎉
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We've named a debutant to take on the Blues!
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Grim Reaper Feb 15
Replying to @GretaThunberg
Thank u for being the Person u are. Thank u for standing up. Thank u for the Light u spread across this Planet. Thank u for raising your voice. Keep it going! Know this: As long as one Voice like yours is speaking up, a better World is still possible
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AOK🇦🇺🏳️‍🌈 Feb 7
Replying to @BeccaHayne
Big effort and I 👏 you but remember giants
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Phil Davis Feb 4
Extremely grateful for the opportunity to lead this great club with Cal for an 8th year!! I am very privileged to captain such a great group of people! 🍊
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