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Alex Mallin 11 Mar 15
RT Massive, dinosaur-like alligator spotted on Florida golf course
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Thomas Lichaque 💀 24 May 18
Sorry Florida, but the only good thing about global warming is someday they'll have to disband the Florida Gators and your football teams will be replaced by water polo. Or gator wrestling. Or both simultaneously.
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T.J. Stanford 26 Jun 17
Same ❌🐊 -Plus that is pretty cool! 😎
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#PutAPriceOnIt🌎 10 Jun 17
Replying to @RawStory
or at least until they clean it up
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🎃 Jess the Pumpkin Spice Handmaiden™️🍂 2 Dec 17
Florida is a bad place.
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Shelly  Moore 29 May 16
I am a huge fan today! . Love my Tigers!
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Caitlin Mahan May 6
No Florida vacations! Spend your $ in States that care about your safety! Cancelled my trip. Last time in Florida was my last time!
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👻Ghoul, Interrupted🤓 Jan 20
Replying to @caitraft
In Miami? That tracks.
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ProtectMueller18 8 Apr 17
Replying to @DustinGiebel
Florexit. Floridiots.
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🎃 Jess the Pumpkin Spice Handmaiden™️🍂 27 Mar 18
Ugh. You’re trying to lure me to that wretched state. It won’t work.
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JennahAnne 2 Mar 18
now back stepping on his word to Florida Father whos daughter was murdered & shot eight times in her back while running for her life down the hallway of her school..& you think The WORLD is going to visit
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T.J. Stanford 26 Mar 17
Replying to @LoganMBooker
EVER!!!! ❌🐊
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Ty Greene 24 Aug 19
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Xander Eustice-Corwin May 14
Replying to @RadioFreeTom
Everything outside of New England and New York is just barbarians anyway. Okay, so I liked Chicago. And Michigan. And some other countries. But not Florida.
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yeet the rich, the police, and the military too 9 Nov 16
Disneyland > Disney World. I don't want to be eaten by an alligator or eaten by a rabid frat guy on bath salts.
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Krista Jensen 2 Jun 16
That is a HUGE alligator.
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Luke Donohue 4 Dec 17
Disappointed to find out this prison sentence is unrelated to her horrid speech.
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Satish Kambalimath Nov 26
Replying to @FloridaGOP @marcorubio
I even went to Grad school there. Alas, Florida has lost it's charm.
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Bea Jun 25
Replying to @dikell3
I’m a Jersey Girl always! 😂
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Vineyard Dawg Jul 15
This tweet is relevant to my interests.
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