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Dean Walsh 3h
A large glass beaker of cold pale ale and a bag of paint nestling in my pocket
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Dalee Nestea 2h
British climber becomes latest to die on Everest | World News. ………
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cocky May 19
Whole bar done in one sitting.
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Mrs P May 23
Replying to @NestleUKI @WRAP_UK
If care so much about sustainability and why have I just seen this on my twitter feed? Seriously?! Save on the washing up and kill the planet in the process 🙄
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Lola Hammond 13h
US deploys 1,500 more troops to Middle East as tensions with Iran rise | US News. ……….
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Yoel Minkoff May 24
still committed to global confectionery
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Phoebe Russell 5h
Treorchy Italian cafe to close after 84 years. ……….
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zulkipli mohaji May 17
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Emma Chambers 6h
U.S. seen reining in ‘radicals’ to prevent war, Iranian general says. ………
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📣 Jon Shackleton    #GTTO May 23
The problem is they buy politicians that’s why mainstream parties don’t work and neither does the Parliamentary system. If we’re not careful capitalism will actually kill off the World. Look at and Then Amazon going into 5G
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Coffee,Afla,Ochra,Asp... May 24
Replying to @yasminemotarjem
Sooner than later, that person or persons () causing strife in your life will witness the power of reason as their evil plotting will come to the light and turn on them.
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there here38 18h
Nestle attitude towards child labor is ridiculous, maybe stop funding those that use children, they have no choice to accept and adjust . Not gonna happen with there current greedy attitude
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Rico Stathis May 23
Haven’t had one in years Now you see it Now you don’t
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David M 20h
Save your money. Delissio Calzones are not edible. Such a waste 😡
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Cousign 20h
Check out how is tracking days worked accident free. Safe Start - Safe Finish - Safe Home
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Jackie Cuthbert 23h
Abbie found this -shaped kitkat ball today whilst we were at actual . What are the chances? Just checking if we’ve won a lovely holiday or anything? 🤩
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Nestlé Focuses on Factories, Procurement to Hit Cost-Cutting Goal
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Steve May 24
Replying to @KobeDesigns
Boycott snickers, Cadbury would never pull this sh#t
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AcedSports May 24
You are welcome to have a cup of coffee after your session...
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LONDON OCT 30 May 24
brought myself a multi pack of your cereals and one of them had nothing inside of it. I'm appalled
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