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Erik Zhang Apr 19
Replying to @neoerikzhang
has been perfecting our consensus mechanism relentlessly. In early May, NEO will be integrating the much optimized dBFT2.0 as a Part of NEO3.0 effort on Mainnet to ensure instant block finality,along with other stability& performance enhancement features.
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Goon of Crypto Apr 14
Summer 2019 predictions and renaissance will be the hottest new exchange & prove to be better than leading to mass adoption 3.0 will land in the top ten will surpass will surpass My ex wife will move to Antarctica
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jaehyun 18m
jaehyunspics : RT NCTsmtown_127: Hey guys we were at the Union Square!! It was a great day out and the Union Square was a cool place to walk around. We're enjoying New York to the fullest !!! -Mark
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( ु⁎ᴗ_ᴗ⁎)ु.。oO Apr 21
Replying to @fractalPSYience
Why it's better to let the corrective patterns play out. still waiting, but here's an update.
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WeeD you 23m
We don't talk anymore.... 👻🚬
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WeeD you 55m
Why you are Single ? bcuz i dont do romance i just f'ck & no one want just that
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Goon of Crypto Apr 19
If you want to learn how to buy on switcheo from the US, direct message me. It’s very simple 🤫
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CryptoRose & 100BTC Challenge Apr 17
The next round 47% rocket 😊 Telegram: Challenge - 0.1BTC to 100BTC
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Rekt Capital 6h
Initial signs of the red level flipping into a new resistance NEO is sandwiched in a very tight range (green, red) which is unsustainable for price action & leads to volatility A flip of red to resistance could lead to heavy sellside pressure onto green support
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Lil-shiller🐣 Apr 20
Wow I can’t believe how genuine is! I just watched what he does on and I’m blown away. I wish I was in his shoes to help people out like that. Keep it up bro. When crypto giveaways?
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Davos Cryptos Apr 19
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N3ko-Tw33ky! (Jaxx) | 🐝SAVE THE BEES!🐝 4h
i promised you guys I'd draw her in her volume 6 outfit!! 💖💖🍨🍨
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DynEd International 6h
Start working towards your CEFR certificate today by visiting for more info and download the neo Study App from your favorite app store. 📱 (2)
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CryptoFibonacci Apr 17
Daily Chart. Told my Discord group about this one. "Possible" Morning Star candle formation. Won't know until tomorrow night, but this is one to watch very closely. If the Morning Star happens, well, if you have seen my previous posts, you know what can happen.
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domongonok 15h
Replying to @cz_binance
What u think about the Projekt... Im in love with the architecture..
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Coins24by7 5h
Price: $10.88 1hChg: 0.07% 24hChg: 4.46% 24Vol: $250.33M MktCap: $707.05M
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Effect.AI 9h
Token swap is coming! Who is feeling lucky???
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HerklosCryptoBotDev 2h
OctoBot ALERT : Symbol : Result : LONG Evaluation : -0.322546151600348
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WeeD you 2h
Who loves me 😐 who dont 👻🚬via drama
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CryptoFella Apr 17
Replying to @OldCryptoFella
Retesting broken trend line. Like all other alts/usd pairings it will depend on . Should hold if the king doesn't decide to dump.
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