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Nick Zukin 14 Jan 18
Driving in Mexico pro tip: always follow someone, especially at night, even if you have to tail gate, so they can find all the hidden topes (speed bumps).
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Lebaum 15 Sep 12
About missed my turn and burnt some rubber.
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Austin Brown 20 Jul 11
Just topped out my car
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Mike Mace Jul 14
Replying to @MikeMace_63
Got into the lead on lap 6 before running on at Crossfourways, and dropped back to 2nd.
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Holly L 27 Aug 12
Legit almost hit about 20 people while riding my bike to class
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Rosie Romance 27 Sep 12
Your day can only get better if it starts by you crashing into a car on your bike
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Kevin 1 May 12
Oh shit just forgot my bike doesnt have good brakes and almost ran into my garage door
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Emmylou 9 Jun 14
Feel so sorry for the two lads that had smashed their cars up in the queues because of floods 😂
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Dannie Morgan 25 Aug 14
Good day @Welli_HT, lovely event even in the rain! Vigo jumped a good clear round the intermediate if a little strong!
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Kreig Heroth 28 Nov 12
SBS Teams: Small Block Super brake meeting tonight at 7.
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Chris Gubbs 25 Mar 15
these Hogs don't like stopping! 😬
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Andrew Kannan 15 Feb 12
Replying to @elena929
I hit a curb today and went side-first into a lamppost.
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