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Visit Nebraska Sep 20
Conestoga Mall - Grand Island, Nebraska.
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Todd D. Epp, LL.M., Esq. Sep 18
Great pick, Willa Cather! Definitely NOT Larry the Cable Guy, which would be the exact opposite of Dick Cavett. Let's show the world is smart and not full of idiots. Bob Kerrey would be a good pick if he also brought Debra Winger.
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Visit Nebraska Sep 17
Island Oasis, Grand Island, Nebraska.
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Ben Kolodzinski 7h
’s Maurice Washington has been dodging defenders all night. Will he dodge the prosecution in his upcoming trial? Too early to tell.
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Chaz in SoCal ❄️ Sep 18
Good grief, that line is now up to -13 for . Same thing as always — just get that win and break that road losing streak. Get to 3-1, 1-0. And please, , no more major injuries.
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karen kassebaum 5h
Goooo Biggg Reddd! Looks like you are still hungry!! You can do the thing’
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John Skretta Sep 16
It doesn’t get much better on a Monday night in !
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🇺🇸 SparHawk 6h
Remember when everyone said was gonna win the ? Yeah, that's not gonna happen. They can't even beat Illinois
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space cowboy Sep 20
Replying to @VisitNeb
Head 25 mins south to Hastings, and you’ll never want to leave.
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MJ Tomko 4h
strolling into the halfway point of bowl eligibility like...
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Steven Sugden 7h
Unpopular opinion Bench Martinez Mills and the whole offensive line.
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Book of Katherine Sep 20
Replying to @UNLincoln
They are laughing because poor farmers, workers and taxpayers, as well as Americans, with Federal taxes, are paying for their research at , while the homepage has kids holding up the symbols of the Nazi German Empire they've grown....
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Dan Mickells 5h
Glad Wandale is playing for us. He is really good.
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Mike McCoy 6h
‘s road woes continue.
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Jayden Speed Sep 20
In 2018, the people of Nebraska voted to expand Medicaid. It is time our lawmakers stop obstructing and do their job. You can not simply ignore the voices of the people or the people will vote you out.
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Steven Nash 5h
4 fumbles for , should be able win with their defense alone.
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Dr. JJ Walcutt Sep 19
Just a beautiful scene. The heartland ♥️ of America teaches us all: work hard and keep your feet on the ground. 🇺🇸
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C🅱️☢️ 7h
is hanging with Clemson pretty well. Oh, they’re playing Illinois...
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#BusinessAintBoomin 7h
Replying to @ftbeard_17
Adrian Martinez with a 27 yard TD to Wan'Dale Robinson! Robinson broke a tackle and made another defender miss on his way to the end-zone!
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Brennen Toquam 7h
Something I've noticed this year. Coaches must be permanently cold. I just checked its 77 degrees in Champaign right now.
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