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Mamqoma Jun 22
This was today at Fleurdal Mall in Bloemfontein.
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Palden Jun 14
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ZerØ Jun 15
If you are okay with or think these HUMAN-BEINGS brought this on themselves, you need to leave America, because you are a . And I have a rule about Nazis. That rule is simple. Nazis are war criminals and terrorists, and I will treat them as such...
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Jim Eastman Jun 14
Replying to @mallorymft @4ILorg
Said every anti-semite I ever knew!!
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SaintGeorge&TheDragon 2h
Replying to @SaintgeorgeT
Later, Sanger distanced herself from Hitler as the adoption of was very unpopular because of the gruesome and horror brought upon by the German's under the party.)
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Ute Carbone Jun 19
Important words to remember in these troubled times.
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@hoka Jun 21
ay smol hexen yer a witch, helga
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Patrick Stephen 1m
Extreme Left/Right coalition that is will destroy living standards in the uk. It won't matter if the uk is under -Tory-Right or -Labour-Left. The uk is the laughing stock of the world, all the other countries R licking their lips. IQ-less lead by the CLUEless
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Philip C. Price 15h
who committed pre-meditated murder now asking for mercy.
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The Jerusalem Post Jun 19
“The data revealed ingots containing 'Zahngold,' the gold fillings pulled from the mouths of corpses between the gas chambers and the crematoria,” explained The Center.
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shelteringwind 7h
Well. was a in his early days, if not forever? So think decency talk is out of question? But good try.
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Martin Howlett 13h
The ’s appear to be alive in ( )
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SimonWiesenthalCntr Jun 18
Replying to @AOC @POTUS
. should ask survivors and ex GIs in NYC what was like. This insults the past by luridly calling . Stop rhetoric - work with to solve humanitarian disaster at border
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Anders Nygaard 25m
Replying to @nygard
The camp commander called the family heads into his office, and threatened to decimate the village if this happened again. 5/
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Unscene Berlin Jun 19
Break the cycle of hate - join an anti critical mass ride on Saturday 22.06.2019. Start times below!
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WishForJoy Jun 22
Here is the REAL PROBLEM: good federal &state employees (agency bureaucrats & first responders) have not stood up to because they &their families are fearful of loosing the pensions they worked for &rely on. Would you? Maybe that is how it happened in Germany
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Bet Not 11h
I did that coming ...😜
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CityLiveryConsulting #FBPE Jun 22
Replying to @thehill
The holocaust was legal - first they got into power - then they tweaked the laws - or twisted the laws to suit their agenda Trump insults the men who died in order to take down the nazi regime. He has set up What next?
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tom quicksell Jun 22
I am beginning to understand how half of Germany must have felt during the years of . How the fuck is this happening here?
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marvC = [IMMC] Jun 22
Replying to @donwinslow
Give a inch they'll set up . Once they realize they can get away with caging kids of color they'll target families of color. Who's next? Me? People of color have no power in this country otherwise we'd have already challenged & ended this racist 🐃💩!
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