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umer awais 15m
It's a result of PMLN policy we are facing this blame from india. When APS incident occur instead of showing world that india killed those innocent kids went to the imran khan to end the dharna and used this brutality by india to save his Govt.
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Rohan Anjum Feb 14
Mian SS got his releasing orders today and Mian NS gave a signal of getting bailed on next friday.If all of this is relating to that 'deal' we were hearing about,it means govt is so helpless & powerless against them.Sigh!
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ARY News 12h
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Z¿6@!r 23m
As per new reports from hospital is pregnant with 3 months. Congrats mei Naya guest aa raha hai aap k ghr. Small confusion who is the dad of upcoming baby.. 🙄😁
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Malak Moula Dad Sherani 16h
Best wishes and prayers for a swift return to tip top health.. InshaAllah! We love you Mian Sahab❤️❤️
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Gaurav Singh 3h
Whether it was the Pakistan or or it is the Pakistan of It is the same that has been shedding blood of innocents The birth place and terrorism, one day the same will wipe you off the world map
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Samar Faisal Feb 14
Replying to @RehamKhan1
Ask petitioner
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KalabaghDam Feb 7
All around vehicle Are psycho patient or paid2chant slogan? The man(Nawaz Sharif) who looted them&ruled by spending Public money on himself even Shaving blade bought frm Public money claims "I served Pak Public" ! Is it not JOKE?
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Zardari King of Thieves Feb 9
Replying to @MalickViews
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PinkPanache 3h
Replying to @betterpakistan
I think your leader is and was shameless who did politics on his dying wife and that is and was his mentality. A real loser, a fraudster, a real embarrassment — he couldn’t even communicate without a chit in hand. 🤣👎🏻
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InfoAir Media 7h
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Zeshan Musthq Feb 12
sher a rha hain
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ER 11h
Breaking !! apparently has been shifted to Gynea Ward!😅😀😉👍👍😝💥 I thought he had a heart condition, not a delivery case!
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Abbas Muhammad 12h
why is given this kind of protocol? he is a convict and a prisoner! he should be treated same as 3rd class prisoners!
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Zia Ur Rehman® Feb 12
For first two terms of you were his close aide. If they looted that means you also did and you lose moral authority. Now since you are in government you give such statements to please current leadership where as everyone knows you lack loyalty & trust
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Hamza Feb 11
As per spokesperson 2 U declared ur efforts 2 accommodate through as fault
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Shaida Muhammad Yousafzai 5h
Why now. There is no now. So who are they saving.
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Ibn_e_Zulfikaar 16h
First of all this incident is condemnable without doubt. Secondly Plzzz it's our request cut everything off with Us. We will be grateful 😊😊... Remember 1 thing "Now we have as PM...not any business man & coward like & we know how to rise up"
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Odious Lahori Feb 8
Replying to @odiouslahori
As Mian would say.. "SUCK MORE SUGARCANE!"
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Aamir Mughal Feb 12
Replying to @mughalbha
Nawaz didn't fulfil a single NRO commitment: Lebanese PM told PM (The News Feb 11, 2019) steps in to seek safe exit for (Dawn Aug 16, 2008) Lebanon’s Hariri Meets With Macron in Paris After Saudi ‘Hostage’ Fears
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