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John Cusick is Closed to Queries 3 Dec 18
Replying to @johnmcusick
So today's Agent Brain / Writer Brain is all about how to write scenes like little stories. And this is 100% a technique you should use to shape, hone, and focus your first draft, so peeps, this one's for you too:
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Pat Flynn 30 Nov 18
- DAY 30 - Congrats to for guessing my word count closest without going over the other day (she guessed 1253, I wrote 1267, and just crossed 30,000 words, too! Super happy with how the month went, & 1 more day to guess before December! Whats your guess?
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Pat Flynn 2 Dec 18
Final post! Thanks again to everyone who supported me this past month - I can't believe what I have now because of it!
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Chris Adamson + 😷 28 Dec 18
Doing for the last two months, I find I keep relating to the writer character in the “Bloom Into You” anime, even though I all but ignored her when reading the manga.
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Sarah 💜 Wears A Mask 2 Dec 18
Replying to @rwchat
I'm thrilled to say that after many unsuccessful attempts I became a winner! I can't wait to go back and finish the story and make it better.
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You want new classes? We got new classes—with , , and ! Check out our entire slate here:
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Katja🦊 30 Nov 18
Replying to @KatjaBookDragon
Finishing with 58,518 words. I still have a bit to go to finish but its soooooooooo very close & I have NaNo to thank for that & my amazing teammates on
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EE Hornburg - Add The Night's Chosen on Goodreads! 30 Nov 18
Replying to @eehornburg
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Dan Koboldt writes dragons 30 Nov 18
VICTORY! is my 10th consecutive NaNoWriMo win. Thanks to all of you who've been on this journey with me. It's a tough one at times, but totally worth it.
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Zack Argyle 30 Nov 18
I did it! Successfully wrote 50k words in the month of November for National Novel Writing Month! Could not have done it without the encouragement of and . Hopefully I'll be able to finish the rest of the story by the end of the year!
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becca puglisi 2 Dec 18
STOP! What To Do Before Revising A Nano Novel ~ WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®
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Katy Rose Pool 1 Dec 18
Announcement: My sister won !!! She is not on twitter but I am very proud of her!!
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suzy vadori 1 Dec 18
Huge congrats ‘s who managed to keep day jobs and families intact, while slaying excuses that popped up, writing something EPIC. You crush at this thing we call being a writer. DO IT!
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Sarah N. Lawson 30 Nov 18
IT'S OFFICIAL!!! I'VE WON !!! I came in by the skin of my teeth with 52,506 words (7441 words written just today). Some of my word count was excised Frankenstein-style from my 2016 project, but there was still a LOT I wrote from scratch and I'm really happy!
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Kyle V. Hiller ✊🏿🖤 1 Dec 18
You did it. You all did it. , you averaged 55k words for . So proud of everyone, so proud of . See ya next year, NaNoWriMo!
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Christina 💄🌈📖🦄 30 Nov 18
Less than 3k left to finish and I've got a gargoyle guarding me.
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J.E. Purrazzi 1 Dec 18
I quit on the last day with 2,500 words left. I dont often choose my mental and emotional health over writing but last night I needed to and I let go of that perfectionist piece of myself for one night. But watching win was better than winning myself
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Céline Terranova 📖🖋 1 Dec 18
Congratulations to all writers who have finished ! Whether you made to the 50k or not, it doesn’t matter! I got 29k despite all the sucky things that happened this month, so it is a victory! Now for me it’s time to install the Christmas decorations 🤶🏼☃️🎄
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Denise Williams 1 Dec 18
So lucky to be part of during . These ladies made us the steamiest team. 🥰
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in her home library cormorant 🌹Ⓥ⛧ 30 Nov 18
oh my god I can't believe it, i somehow managed to write 50,000+ words this month. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. I'm like sitting here in shock right now.
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