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That moment when kicks in to a fuckin stinking riff and the whole crowd goes spaghetti next to you! 📸 Jake.ten
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The Duke Feb 16
But chaps also...smh!!
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˜”*°•. Kev Bailey .•°*”˜ Feb 17
⁩ There wont be many going to the that way today 17-02-20
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Satya Prakash Yadav Feb 21
Mount Shnai Acute GVHD international consortium alogorthim probability on day 28 can help predict Non-relapse mortality post BMT ST2 and REG3alpha based MAP
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Jenifa Ochwo Feb 14
While this video is disheartening, let's not castigate . This video DEFINES the 👉🏾 people doing or defending the indefensible for access to big jobs, business deals, other people's property .... and yes cash money. 🎥 from
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Charlotte Feb 22
Replying to @KagutaMuseveni
Wama Mzee I love you any way.....I believe it is not your fault.God planned and here we are so what then should our only president die just because of a boarder closure....NO I still need you to rule us kisajja hakuna muchezo 😍😍😍😍
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Pamela Ankunda Feb 21
: "...with the independent facilitators from Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) the will come out because the government stands for the truth" The President was speaking to hundreds of Ugandans who had gathered at the Katuna border post.
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Dr. Felan Feb 21
These Leaders are our servants and we must always demand accountability from them,Let’s not always feel like they are doing us a Favor,We literally sustain their lives using our taxes,and before we praise the let’s be honest and clearly look into issues,.
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citycruisesyork 10h
There's so much to see and do in including our Cruises where you can sit back and relax and see some of this wonderful citys sights
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Watchdog Uganda 16h
OP-ED: NRM, Opposition, and the Devil’s Bargain for 2021 - -Ed
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#Exhibit1510!! 12h
preparing for their retirement....
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Bruce Boyes Feb 15
Case study: How polarized debates can be the result of rational deliberation, and how they can be resolved
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#Paschal B Feb 21
stands for the "truth".., wait for that to come out "soon"..
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Lukyamuzi Maxon Feb 22
You were not yet born when our brothers joined to liberate Uganda. But even today, Ugandans of Rwanda origin do not remind M7 what role our families played in liberating this country. Why doesn't he leave alone?
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Matthew Pearson Feb 16
Developing material can be so fun even when thinks the formulas being used are a language. The joys of writing an environmental & reporting unit for management & .
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called upon border dwellers to be patient as they pursue a lasting solution. “I am very optimistic that with the independent facilitators from Angola and , the truth will come out because stands for the truth.”
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Watchdog Uganda Feb 14
Your days are numbered! Angry Ugandans warn singer Catherine Kusasira after displaying millions of cash she got from NRM -
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: " and I were friends and comrades. Those of you who claim to love NRM today more than us who shed blood to bring it into power, you are liars.” was us. We campaigned for it when you didn’t like it; we supported and loved .”
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David Evans Feb 20
Confidence in forecasting vs vulnerability of grain production of different climate events. Peter Hayman
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La Prise Radio Feb 21
dropped his new project Killu Kinf G and it's a certified banger! 667 is the french crew to watch for, they're on top of this game. Don't miss out. 💯💥 Listen to it on 🔌 Slim C x Osirus Jack - Pour Mes Negros
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