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barkha dutt 42m
You have to couple with to understand the blatant Anti Muslim Prejudice of these legislations. 6 years for non Muslims to get citizenship and no jail or deportation. Most likely result: only Muslim migrants in camps or deported. My WaPo take
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ranjona banerji 21h
Both and attack the very essence of India. It is part of an old, vicious plot to destroy democracy. It doesn't matter which part of India you live in or come from, or what religion you practice or do not. The bell will toll for all of us. Educate yourself. Resist.
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گوڈور / godavar/ गॉडवर/ கொடவர் 5m
Replying to @godavar
The process of enumeration through & amounts to profiling and dehumanization of the minorities and marginalized. This is unacceptable to me as a human being, and I will continue to protest it as long as I draw breath. Repel this fascism! Rebel against this hate!
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Monika Arora Dec 8
Rajiv Gandhi signed accord with AASU that whoever entered India after 24 March 1971 is an illegal immigrant needs to be deported. SC directed Govt to identify bona fide citizens & deport others. Thus being made. Don't understand why opposing.
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Samar Halarnkar 3h
If India reaches Scandinavian govt efficiency levels in , 13.5 million Indians will be excluded = human displacement of Partition. If India does NRC exceptionally well, 67.5 million will be excluded = WW II displacement. A govt made disaster is at hand
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Rohini Mohan 53m
I'm uncomfortable promoting my own video, but it is a snapshot of my investigative articles on and Foreigners Tribunals in . It will give you a sense of who's affected, how it works & why an all-India citizen register could be chaos. Do watch. (Talk in BIC, Bangalore)
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An Indian 54m
Amit Shah's aim by this and is to create fear among muslim refugees. Indirectly he want to say "Convert into Hinduism or get out of this country" poor helpless, homeless Muslims will remain with no other option than converting.
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Ruchi Gupta 2h
Completely disingenuous given the simultaneous push for . A real shame that a privileged erstwhile MP like you with an imp public voice should support this sort of an internal inquisition of citizens instead of raising issues of development and human capacity
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NDTV 15h
"Try to unite the nation, not divide. What will happen to those left out of ?": Congress's Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury in Lok Sabha
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Amrita Johri Dec 8
Meeting on & national . Sense of the house- govt may trample on our constitutional rights, scuttle Parliamentary scrutiny, bring pressure on institutions to give a stamp of approval to unconstitutional decisions but it can't silence people & our resistance
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Not That Swaraj Dec 6
Finally, Akshay Kumar has applied for an Indian Passport. Just before the implementation of & CAB, A Canadian Citizen will get an Indian Passport & Indians with Passports have to prove their Nationality.
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seemi pasha 1h
Can India actually afford to alienate 14.8% of its population? Does Amit Shah believe that with & Indian Muslims will simply evaporate? No sir! This is our country & we will fight for our rights! Govts will come and go but we will always be here
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Day 11: resumed today from Chapdani, Hooghly. The march will move towards Bally, Howrah crossing over Rishra & Uttarpara on its way through, protesting privatization, anti workers policies, divisive agenda in the name of , rampant retrenchment of the labors.
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#CONgressMuktBharat 5h
Modi Era will be greater than Gandhi era Article 370 : done Article 35A : done Triple Talaq : done Ram Temple : done Citizenship Bill : done Next
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Imdad 🇮🇳 12h
More than 70% Muslim don't even know what is and . They are busy on TIK TOK and fighting within themselves on basis of Sunni, ahle-hadees I just asked some of my friends about on WhatsApp, all of them had no idea what and is
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Majid Syed Dec 8
WE ARE INDIANS...Against implementation of &
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Day 10: Glimpses of the from the northern parts of the Bengal. This march is moving towards Siliguri from Jalpaiguri protesting anti workers policies, divisive agenda in the name of , rampant retrenchment of the labors of the Tea Garden.
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Laddu Yadav Dec 8
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Kanchan Gupta 2h
Replying to @KanchanGupta
Those who are opposing and are shorn of compassion. Their logic is self-preservation as their vote-bank politics is at stake. They are crudely instigating Muslims of who are not affected by . They are wilfully suppressing facts.
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MD R. A. Ansari🌍 Dec 5
After Ram Mandir & Article 370, they are using as a political agenda to appease the majority of India...... But we Indians should not come in their trap & must oppose both these bills......
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HistoryIsKind 3h
Replying to @harsh_mander @MehekF
I will join this civil disobedience and not submit documents for . If I'm punished I'll take it but I will not let these goons divide my country again.
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