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John R Lott Jr. 13h
Dear : If you are afraid to debate , how about me? Neither I nor the nor any of the academics in our group have gotten $1 from the for our research. I would love to point out all the false claims that you are making.
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Rafa Torres Apr 10
Because my rights don’t end where your feelings begin 🤷🏻‍♂️ thank you
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Tyler (The Ghost™) Casper Apr 17
How can people blame the for mass shootings?
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Alienz Stu Apr 18
Is there any of you murder advocates who would like to have a conversation about the support you have for School children being massacred? You blood thirsty, young pulse stopping killing moonshine swigging buffoons must have something to say?
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NRA Apr 17
BREAKING: has just been announced to speak at the Leadership Forum on April 26 in Indianapolis, Indiana during 's Annual Meetings and Exhibits. Buy your tickets here →
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Matty Ice Apr 12
30 kids were killed since 2009 by a infant sleeper and we ban the sleeper. 30 kids are killed weekly by guns and we do nothing.
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Stephen P. 3h
Mr is afraid to debate . Because he knows that she will clean his clock and tear him a new ass hole. Along with the fact that he is "too good" to debate the spokesperson for the . When really it's just that he is a sexist pig.
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Karl Phillips Apr 16
Hey , it's been 12 years since the . Has it been long enough for us to discuss , denying violent offenders gun rights, denying mentally ill gun rights? How about high capacity magazines? Assault weapons? No? Fuck You . ⚖️
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Kat #45 is clear/present danger 🐬🐳🌊 1m
Replying to @maddow @washingtonpost
Quote from sure sounds like Butina, Torshin & Russians had kompromat on some potential high value targets.
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🏝 Kim 1h
Recall that Senator Burr hauled in $7,000,000.00 from which gives the appearance of a conflict of interest, if not a motive for 🇷🇺
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March For Our Lives DC 6h
Hey ! How many more REAL-LIFE casualties will there be in your “political battles”? Listen to a former NRA employee speak out 👇
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McSpocky™ 👽🌊 Apr 17
Gun violence like this will continue until the USA is willing to pass sensible gun control laws as every other developed country on the planet has done. Get the out of the pockets of Congress! Gunman randomly opened fire, killing 2 & himself, at a mall in Tennessee on Tues.
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Jeremy 11h
you and what army? Lol Come and take them ✊🏽
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Sunny Rain 17h
Centuries ago, I was told my parents won't adhere to my socialist agenda...
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Kris Alexander Apr 18
Replying to @katieporteroc
I am not a member of the or the gun lobby. Please don't include me and millions of other responsible, law abiding gun owners, in with the few bad actors who will *ignore* any additional laws that you pass.
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SaucedbySally Apr 18
“the could no longer afford to spend large sums of money on Public Relations . . . nor can it afford to continue [to] allow the EVP to fail to follow the simplest of business procedures—having written agreements with vendors.”
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TheVSOGunChannel 17h
I again, would like to offer my services to the NRA...although I admit that my rates for such services have climbed dramatically after reading this article. I posted it to my FB page.
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BlackWoMANMajik #TheResistance #MeToo 6h
✅Vote to repeal ACA ✅Take money frm NRA; not work on passing comprehensive gun reform ✅Withraw consent orders frm police dept for police abuses against its constituents -Anti-hlthcare👉🏽mass shootings/gun violence -Sell more guns for -Support rogue/racist police depts
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Brian O'Sullivan Apr 17
Replying to @osullivanauthor
No Regulations Allowed
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JonBoy 7h
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