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🌹MaLaCoiD ⭕️☎️ Jan 23
We must shows us it can be done! a country that works , not just the rich who buy influence! Inspired by , I added to Use if yours has
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Nene-Edith M. Rodas 14h
Replying to @JujuJudge
Let's keep digging dirt on Trump until we all clean up d WH 4Our America! It's when d good guys do nothing that d bad guys win. If d GOP will continue 2do nothing, keep investigating 'til Election 2020 then wipe out those who doesn't make America first! 🇺🇸
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Tomthunkit™ Jan 24
Here at City Hall, great turn out for rally in Bellingham WA. via Bill_Maxwell_
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HoldEmAccountable Jan 25
Replying to @RepAdamSchiff
Let's imagine like you claim... joe biden and hunter should be in jail for corruption
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LivingCooper 2h
Is an idiotic millennial. If an elected official is encouraging law breakers to hide and break more laws doesn't that make them complicit, an accomplice? That means she should be jailed since, as she loves to say !
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Petey Crawford 20h
Replying to @davidcicilline @jack
Do the right thing it’s finally time that this dudes blatant violation of your rules results in a ban.
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Tomthunkit™ Jan 22
Patriots out in force in Los Angeles for ImpeachmentEve ImpeachandRemove via SpinDr
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💪🏾 🇺🇸 (202) 224-3121⚖️⏳ Jan 21
Called my senators to offer support as they begin the impeachment trial. Let them know that patriotic Americans simply want to read pertinent documents, hear from witnesses, see all evidence, then draw a rational conclusion. , we are watching.🇺🇸
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Batshit Passionate Jan 25
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Jay B 10h
Try to stay on topic marty
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Jesse Flores 19h
NO!!! People want transparency. WE do not want a , , . . DO YOUR JOBS!!!!
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Misty D Jan 24
Replying to @joncoopertweets
Ignorance of the law? Thats your defense of Trump? COME ON! No Lindsey... NO! If he didnt know, then why has he tried so hard to conceal it? Nobody is that ignorant, nobody. Some staff warned him, AND he didnt care.
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SouthPaw Poet 33 Jan 21
I’m not the most politically savvy person. But what I do know for sure is that people who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. This man and his administration has gone above and beyond to ignore subpoenas.
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Jared B 21h
Replying to @Alyssa_Milano
Already done. He's not getting away with this as or TOS for that matter!
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MikeJUofAR🌊🌈🌵 16h
How do you want the history books to reflect you ? A or someone who put country and possibly her job over one person to make sure that ? Actions speak louder than...
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BrokenPromisedLand Jan 24
Today is the 25th of January. Today more than ever, I am looking ahead. I'm looking forward to the future. To a few perpwalks. OK, to quite a few perpwalks.
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PamelaDrew Jan 20
Crimes of torture & human medical experiments done for millions of dollars yet held no one accountable. When MoC say it only applies if it delays payment to war profiteers. Violating Geneva Conventions gets a yawn.
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Law Lewis Jan 21
Dance Fitness Class 7:30pm dnafitnessstudiorva We got a class, fitness, and dance so she did what we came for. But I dont see sweat anywhere. Lol
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Basqueing HeadOnAPike Jan 21
I’m not a fucking pathological lying narcissistic conniver so NO, “they” couldn’t.
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Sean the White Jan 19
Replying to @SpeakerPelosi
If than shouldn’t there be an immediate and swift removal of all illegal immigrants, investigations on Bill Clinton and all Epstein’s other friends, Trial for Hillary’s emails, and perhaps drug testing of government staff?
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