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Institute of National Remembrance Jun 4
🏴Jerzy Węgierski died 8 years ago. He fought for 🇵🇱 in and then joined the . Arrested by the , he was sent to 10 years in the . After , he worked as a construction engineer & academic. He supported the opposition.
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OTD June 2, 1905 born. officer who played key role in case.
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OTD May 31, 1913 born. Talented spy and key figure in Atomic Spy case. Worked under cover of UN diplomat..
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Matthew Smith🏌️ May 29
And then the screws begin to tighten in the food supply chains——my likely hypothesis for the coming phase the largest parallel I can deduce is the Ukrainian and ( -> ) they have laid the foundation, we mustn't allow them to build upon it
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book seller 11h
Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast:
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Jean Le Taxé May 31
Replying to @SPVM
Ces policiers sont des . Le racisme (une opinion) n'est qu'accessoire au comportement. Tony Timpa étouffé par la police lors d1 arrestation: alors qu'il gisait mort, les plaisantaient, tels les bourreaux communistes du !
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Michel Latour 🌊🌊🌊 20h
Curious: Is the official sponsor of the Trumpstapo forces?
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Sunshine May 31
SAME EXACT thugs as Murdero's thug army.
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川岸夕斗 Jun 2
マニアもドン引き!?キチガイすぎるメタル集 その3 N.K.V.D(エヌカーヴェーデー) ※ナチスと並ぶほど悪名高いソ連の国家組織 フランスの極右集団?はマジやばいぜ…… あくまで楽曲として聞いてほしい。 全曲
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Bärsärkargång Jun 3
Replying to @claudio_2022
Non ha niente a che vedere con l‘, che è di fatto l‘unica libera forma di autodeterminazione dei popoli. I governi la temono e demonizzano al punto che non ce ne ricordiamo il significato. Ricordo che nel 1936 i primi nemici uccisi in Spagna dall‘ erano anarchici
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Willem Lafluer Jun 4
and his ilk could use it for the gulags and his own secret police outfit like the kids he grew up with in the ...😁
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Unvola Jun 2
Des photos du Mémorial du massacre de perpétré par le sur ordre signé de , en avril-mai 1940 : 25 700 représentants de l'« élite » Polonaise ont été exécutés d'une balle dans la nuque au bord de fosses, transformées... via @Unvola1917
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み る ぬ べ@相互主義 Jun 4
5問中、5問正解です!採用だ|祖国と同志スターリンへの忠誠を示せ より
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Jan Abrahamsson (svenska) 🇸🇪 5h
Replying to @sueonum @SweIpad and 5 others
Är det inte så att alla underrättelsetjänster är en enda stor familj, ungefär som olika organiserade gäng/maffiasyndikat som delat upp världen i olika territorier? Samt att allianserna/lojaliteterna mellan gängen ständigt skiftar.
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