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Jacques Rentzke 2h
Disgraced former social development minister is back in public office. Appointed by minister as chairperson of the Social Housing Regulatory Authority interim board, to help Sisulu's presidential ambitions? ?
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Banana Republic SA 3h
10,000 job losses. How at least 100k ordinary folk are now in survival mode thanks to the total fvkc up of the governments. Absolutely no leadership, dololo, from the . stop with your optics of conferences, big smiles etc, govern, do the hard yards.
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Thabiso 20m
Replying to @HermanMashaba @MYANC
Bathabile Dlamini heading a board because 'sHe HaS eXpR3!enC3 In s0c!Al dEvElOpMEnT' is such an insult to South Africans. Another 's middle finger to the public. ya masepa. .
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Michael Dawson Nov 11
A transcript of the written answers that critical race philosopher Charles Mills provides before our podcast can be found at the link. Retheorizing (Racial) Justice: A Conversation with Charles Mills — Race & Capitalism
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Pebbles 30m
Replying to @eNCA
Stronger together
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Nkuzi ya Mchangani 46m
Replying to @AdvBarryRoux
indeed. Eintlek fuck ANC
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Simphiwe 59m
Its called ...... Bathabile Dlamini
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Khaya Mthethwa 2h
Replying to @DjNewSouthAfric
what a mess
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Sandra Reardon Nov 13
Yes - the tail wags the dog due to laws the ANC government implemented to suck up to its union alliance buddies and thereby increase its vice grip of corrupt, incompetent dominance. It’s enabled unions to destroy various industries & wreak havoc on our economy. se voet!
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iHlokohloko lomlambo 15h
How many of the 900 workers to be retrenched in SAA's "re-structuring" are black?
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Je suis Gatvol 2h
Replying to @Bruceps
All part of the plan I'm sure
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Pastor Femi Emmanuel Nov 6
Plan to attend. World Lifting Conference 2019. NEW DAWN. 9th -15th December 2019 8am, 12noon and 4pm daily. Don't come alone, You are lifted.
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Meghan E. Wilson Nov 13
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Rolf Endres 14h
Replying to @Rolf_Endres
Let’s see where economic growth does best, job numbers skyrocket, the poorest have more money in their pocket, people have better access to education and health, and investment booms. (2/2)
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I'm Sh*cked 4h
Replying to @TsipaA @incautius and 3 others
Read . Remember on , the comrade TonyYengeni one, convicted of fraud, now chair of working group on crime and corruption for the party? My view, cults don't change MO, they self-destruct, with or without or take your pick
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Anton de Waal 2h
If you ever needed proof that there is no this is it. You are a spineless liar Cupcake
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Amanda Challinor 22h
I will never tire from this tjmoore1968 @ Hacienda Playa
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R.E.T Force✊ Nov 13
Replying to @koko_matshela @MYANC
is here to bring back the West to the table, whereas the 4th & 5th administration did its best to get rid of our former slave masters. Oscar was hand picked solely to reinforce that relationship with the West, that's it.
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#SunKissed Nov 12
😂 😂 😂 Goodnight to you too. Hopefully when you wake you would've regained your consciousness from the trance of 😂😂😂
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Pule Nov 12
For a people who came in riding on a “clean governance” cloud the is working hard to classify information!
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