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ŠaŔķĄř Nov 29
Replying to @Turkey_Istambul
And now this videos of khuttiii also removed.
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Muhammad Bilal 🇵🇰 Dec 1
Heres the best description 😂
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🇵🇰Saqib Bukhari🇹🇷 Dec 3
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Ali Raza 4h
What is about 190 million pounds? Is it a dealing or something else?
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Shaddy_Lamp Nov 29
Replying to @MichaelKugelman
I’m so shocked to see such a news on TV. Prayers for the families whose beloved were stabbed. I’m wondering why this happened all of sudden since is in London. Question him too
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Arif Qureshi - ‏ عارف قريشي Dec 3
Replying to @AMShahidLatif
Let decide the court whether was a traitor or not, but he is a killer of his own people, he ordered to kill the innocent and orphans girls of Red Mosque, allowed US to kill people of tribal areas through drone strikes,
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angloo Dec 2
To recover Nawaz Shareef's health and his daughter, wing of ISI of khalistanis in noida khoda need to be removed asap.. there are paki eunuchs here that are getting them
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Ali-Qasam Nov 29
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سردار راحت محمود عباسی Dec 4
Replying to @mosharrafzaidi
All cradiet goes to
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*¤ Nukasha ¤* Dec 3
Replying to @MirMAKOfficial
ab to k sath sath ki sharyanain bund hony k chances hyn
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Replying to @noturcindrella
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Asad Ch Nov 26
When you go abroad for a threatening disease but shopping is life
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Sarmad Rasheed Dec 4
Replying to @Sarmad_Rasheed8
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Khalil Ur Rehman Nov 29
Wasn't he critically ill. He was portrayed as he would have been in ICU.
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Arif Qureshi - ‏ عارف قريشي 13h
Replying to @FaisalAKhokhar
Yes credit goes to for metro bus and metro train in pakistan
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Wasim Hasan 12h
See the monopoly and unethical views of whole saying all comparisons with 5th year of power knowing all that last year was ran by after planned disqualification of . If u hv a bit of courage... Pls issue any growth in comparison to 2016 or 2017..
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Yasser Bin Khalid Nov 30
Nawaz Sharif without white cells... 😂😄😂
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Salman Khan Mangol Dec 2
Replying to @MaizaHameed
no doubt the mega infrastructure projects have changed and will be changing lives of many. Just a speed check 600 km in 4 hours mean driving @150km/h Are the speed limits revised....
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Basim Ali Nov 28
Replying to @rajawaseem1511
Sir I am sorry for my previous tweet against you.. You are a very humble person and true lover of Salute to you
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Mirza Farrukh 18h
is the last man standing against Militablishment & he too is slowly dying.Maryam is mysteriously silent,Bilawal is only shouting. Voter is surprised why is quiet.Y PMLN didn't join Azadi March? Why is quiet when she is supposed to be most vocal?
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