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SH Sep 12
He came to this country in 1981 when I was born and my mother told me I was always cranky and he would make fun of me because I was always constipated.
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SH Sep 18
gave me a with around it. The baguettes kept falling out. So I can’t wear it. Otherwise it was a ring.
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SH Sep 13
is every ’s ! Even adores him for marrying his sister!!!
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RD BALL 25 May 18
Berlinski drops philosophical bombs on atheistic scientists and their dogma.
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Therese Curatolo 1 Mar 14
I love my , but I wish my Uncle was hosting the tomorrow.
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Tasha Royanne 29 Jul 10
I'm still upset about that bbm but he still looks out for me!! ... Lol
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