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❤️Scootaloo(Elvisbird)❤️ Jun 22
Today marks 1 year since Elvis flew away. I miss him everyday. With his craziness and funny antics, he taught me to love and appreciate birds. He led me to Twitter where I found wonderful friends who love their birds as I do.
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Tandi (Tandz) Glaser Jun 23
appreciate the uniqueness of each individual and to treat each need with respect and tolerance
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Traven Dunn Jun 23
be in a good mood even early in the morning.
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🦆 pollitokawai 🦕🦖🐳🐸🐝🍄 Jun 24
Replying to @tiellover @TheRoost10
love and be kind and patient to a living being who takes time to warm up to me
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The Roost Jun 24
Excellent lessons, thank you for sharing!
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El Groucho Jun 24
increase my pain threshold! Also to laugh at myself more and to enjoy moments of daftness.
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