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Joe Mann Nov 23
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Many people are saying you lost!
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Vic Goddard Nov 4
I hear just tweeted that he has won the Grand National, the FA Cup, Strictly Come Dancing, I’m a Celebrity and Mastermind
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Dan Stradtman 10 Sep 14
thinks Cleveland is the hottest city in the US right now
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Madeline Marie (in Quarantine) 5 Oct 19
"CONSTANCE VIGILANCE!" - Moody, but also Bednar.
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Andrew Neil 22 Dec 18
I’m sure Mr O’Brien was able to help once it was explained what a 3-pin plug is. He had servants to change them at his public school. At least that’s what Boris told me
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💜 𝑲𝒓𝒚𝒔𝒕𝒂𝒍 𝑴𝒊𝒏𝒙 💜 22 Jun 19
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ChampU🏆 8 Oct 19
Tom Herman has offers for TOP NFL positions. Source: Richard Sherman 👍 ??
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30sec Video 4 Jun 15
Why online is the future of content marketing says guardian
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It's ok, Sevco have told Cockwomble they are not hiding tax bills and not going to go bust....
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MrsQBR 21 Dec 17
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AmeliaClover 24 Feb 15
Even my haters call me a princess👸💁
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Emma McGann 14 Sep 17
That moment when you're looking at an inanimate object on the wall... & it falls... & you convince yourself you have superpowers
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Will Swenson 26 Sep 16
Lots of people are saying that is addicted to cocaine.
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Michael Boyle Dec 18
I would like to thank the Academy... Clinic made 100 times better with Christmas jumpers and the most adorable patients. Don’t argue with a 1 yr old in a Santa dress 😂
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Kimberley Vickers 4 Oct 17
says is the UK's most popular castle
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#MissMisty 23 May 16
I saw it on CNN...
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realSavageAmerican (parler same @) 4 Nov 17
Replying to @DRUDGE
Wait, didn’t DC POLICE say it was a robbery??? Donna, I guess I heard about Arkancided folks on HRC’s crosshairs?
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Don Wizzo 14 Mar 15
Replying to @Steph_Waring
I heard that you were raising money for athletes foot in mountain goats by climbing a big hotel, any truth?
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Andrew Murray 30 May 17
The social media levels of evidence
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Juan Carlos Nov 22
Replying to @THEAndyHarris
This is what I saw on Twitter
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