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👑 OTEP  SHAMAYA 👑 Aug 21
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Some Knucklehead Aug 19
Replying to @timcornillie
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#VijaiKrishna 18h
model can be seen in India today.. is in the same path of Mussolini... 👇👇👇
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yoanimado Aug 19
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☭Nova🍇Shpakova☭ Aug 20
Fascism is () where capitalist Govt's embellish private big biz with tax breaks, bailouts etc. is socialism for the fucking bourgeoisie - just like what the US has now!
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JohnQ Aug 15
Wouldn't surprise me a bit if y'all is DNA connected you to
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Ryan Lebica Aug 20
Replying to @cnnbrk
Italy goes through Prime Ministers like a sumo wrestler goes though hot cakes. Just no stability. Italy please, don’t give the far-right power. Remember !
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Bonnie Greer Aug 20
Brag of a -he's got more than you. They all act like they do: "If I advance; follow me. If I retreat; kill me. If I die; avenge me! Better to live one day as a lion than one-hundred years as a sheep!"
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Stefko Bandera 3h
+ 2 September 1933 -- Pact of Friendship, Neutrality, and Nonaggression between Italy and the Soviet Union -
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Sunny 🇪🇺 Aug 16
Replying to @MarsellaLuca
"Benito & family aboard a yacht at Riccione, Italy, 1933".
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Abhilash Aug 22
Replying to @Shehla_Rashid
unfortunately are polarising the country and pushing in anti-democratic quarters. if to counter you a takes to the streets, then u have won
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Abhilash Aug 21
Replying to @BJP4India
And most importantly if all above becomes a reality, then for next 100 years people will not elect the to power. will never b respected by anybody. Many r aware of what was
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Robert Abooie Aug 22
I feel that fancies himself more than . A quote about from one of his top Secretaries Achille “He is a God.” Starace staged massive parades & marches in favor of Mussolini & proposed Anti-Semitic racial segregation measures.
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Cough! Aug 15
, , all did the same.
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Stephen of Stephen Aug 22
again. God I wish there were some anti-trust work done by to force airports to be dual hubs. Also, my God, if makes the planes fly on time, the country is over, like 1925 Italy over.
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Joseph Carolan Aug 17
Replying to @TruthBlueIn
Yea unfortunately for he ended up hanging from a meat that's not
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James Marion Gray Aug 17
Franklin D. Roosevelt ❤️ died April 12, 1945. I was born April 22 😊. Before the month ended, TWO BASTARDS DIED, one by suicide, , the other by bullets/ mob uprising, . I have prayed for Hell, at my own risk, to insure these bastards pay! BEWARE! Only 74yrs!
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(((Iz_Here))) #DisloyalToTrump 1h
Replying to @WalshFreedom
Looks more like fascism to me. Remember ?
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John H. Isles 🇺🇸 #LetsGoDodgers! 9h
Given ’s aggressively sociopathic worldview, I think we need to start giving Mr. Chipman a new nickname. My suggestion: “ Bob”.
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Homer S Ferguson Aug 22
Replying to @CynthiaCoy8
Interesting twist on . I believe that like , and won support from a substantial number of people seeking not sound policy but a savior. But aren't US ideologues seeking in a savior from "White "genocide"?
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