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حسن سجواني 🇦🇪 Hassan Sajwani Aug 10
What leader wanted from former President Abdul Nasser !
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Alex Gaston Aug 5
If you live in Georgia, time to start paying close attention to the state’s Governor’s race. is a supporter of , , and . All 3 are terrorist organizations. Anti America Sarsour is supporting Stacey Abrams for Georgia Governor!
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Walton K. Martin III Aug 14
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Daniel Pipes 14h
Replying to @jeremycorbyn
More evidence of having converted to - or at least, feeling like a : He's pictured below visiting a mosque in his district & giving the "," the 4-fingered sign of Egypt's . Non-Muslims don't do this.
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Ryan Mauro Aug 8
I wish more voters knew that was a lobbyist for a front backed by intelligence service of . Don’t defend him just because he was ’s campaign manager.
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Serina Florentine Aug 12
Replying to @LauraLoomer
Laura is right. is trying to take over. Watch this video and you will see exactly how!!
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حسن سجواني 🇦🇪 Hassan Sajwani Aug 11
hummingbird says she "follows Imams who practice what they preach, like Imam ." ! He the unindicted co-conspirator in 1993 , his son was just arrested for teaching children school shooting
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حسن سجواني 🇦🇪 Hassan Sajwani Aug 5
Replying to @AbdulElSayed
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Hrince Parry 12h
Replying to @MrJoeDixon
I obviously know more than Maajid about , because unlike Maajid i was not ignorant & messed up enough & twisted enough to actually become one.
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Egypt Built Aug 12
cell busted by Egyptian Police after failed suicide bombing attempt of Virgin Mary Church in Qaliobia
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Salman Al-Ansari Aug 14
Thanks to the for releasing its long time classified report about the . It sheds light on the danger and early tactics of this evil group. The seems to be eager more than anytime before to eradicate the islamist/jihadist ideology that feeds terrorism.
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Washington, D.C. Conservatives Aug 12
We denounce , , , , , and all related hate groups. ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️
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Felix Byers 12h
Scandalous. equivocates abt seemingly mourning terrorists, aligns himself with in four-finger salutes, repeatdly misfires coordinating response to apparently endemic antisemitism, and STILL leads in some polls... Is so bad!?
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The pictures depict ’s lack of values; their deplorable audacity leads them to use "misleading slogans" to recruit in their lost sectarian war in . And the host of media outlets conceals their crimes.
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Ryan Mauro Aug 13
Very creepy. Looks like Al-Jazeera’s nearly-overt work as a propaganda arm of , & other Islamists was a cover for an intelligence & lobbying arm. Not that we should be surprised.
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Egypt Built Aug 14
Egyptian Police busts 7 group leaders in a Raid in Giza with large amounts of Egyptian Pounds, computers with terror materials, bomb making tutorials, and what appears to be a social network cell aimed at spreading rumours and fake news
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حسن سجواني 🇦🇪 Hassan Sajwani Aug 12
Suicide bombing legitimizing Islamist and spiritual leader, says: “ Allah, Gabriel, and Angels are helping ” 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣
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EJO 🇮🇱 Aug 11
Replying to @EJO_90
The “beef” 🥩 between & the runs deep. is the one who removed from power. was an president. He became an official member of the joining in 1977.
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James Marlow (Yermiya)ירמיהו Aug 14
Pains me to post this but the leader of Her Majesty's Opposition is pictured making the Terrorist Symbol ‘Rab’aa’. You hard left lot still think he is qualified to be British Prime Minister? Picture Courtesy Imam Tawhidi & thanks to
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Secular Syria🇸🇾 Aug 10
Replying to @syria_true
This thread was abt not but enjoy the memories abt a great Egyptian&real leader of Arabs-Gamal Abdel Nasser: is not a solution,laughed at pushing wearing for women
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