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Gaurav Malhotra Sep 14
Latest Post:- Pitri Paksha (Shradh) From 25th Sep 2018 to 9th Oct 2018
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Punit Astrologer 18 Aug 09
(Good for all purpose) today (18th) and tomorrow (19th) up to 12:33 PM IST
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Punit Astrologer 25 Mar 10
Today best time for Business: 8:43 to 11:50, Love/ Romance: 13:07-16:46, Govt. Work 16:46 - 17:51 IST
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AndhraCulturalPortal 5 Jun 17
Replying to @AndhraPortal
" ~48 min. Solar time based on the Sun's apparent motion.The ancient muhurta measure has been preserved—used in India to this day
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Punit Astrologer 4 Apr 10
Know everything about Rahu Kaal (scary inauspicious of Vedic ) -
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13 सितम्बर को दोपहर 2:51 मिनिट तक ही गणेश जी की मूर्ति की स्थापना का मुहूर्त
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iJyotish Aug 23
so many vedic astrologers engaged in muhurta and match making works. On does it have potential to change the destined path? If yes what is Muhurta - the time astrologer advises or the time when idea originates in native's mind? A Very non casual Question
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Suneel Sitaula Jul 5
If you own an phone, we recommend you download and install this free app. One can get live Reading, Daily , Auspicious , , etc. and many more on Phone and Tabs. Try it now!
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Gaurav Malhotra Jun 30
Latest Post:- Reminder for Upcoming Making
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muhurtacelebrations Mar 12
- Food and beverage experts design and combine your taste with many flavor. Food is just not important its very very important for your .
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Suneel Sitaula Feb 20
Have tried it. its free. (/d͡ʒɒkhɑ:nɑ:/) जोखाना Free Adviser App. Available in and . Both and Language. Its like a or Cards Reading. Daily , Hora etc.
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Gaurav Malhotra Jan 25
Latest Post:- Tripushkar and Dwipushkar Yogas in February 2017
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Suneel Sitaula Dec 10
(/d͡ʒɒkhɑ:nɑ:/) जोखाना is ancient Fortune Telling technique of Eastern in Nepal, India and Tibet. Get it free. Available in and . English and languages. Free , Live , and many more.
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Rgyan Nov 22
Worship on the of Pradosh Vrat to make all your wishes come true. This video describes the story read during the fasting. To know "How to celebrate " click here:
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Sharad Navratri starts tomorrow, know and its significance here!
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Free Press Journal 31 Jan 17
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Suneel Sitaula 25 Sep 16
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Starting an initiative like Buying a house, Buying a car, marriage time, etc should...
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Gaurav Malhotra 10 Jan 16
Latest Post:- Auspicious Ravi Pushya Falls on 24th January 2016
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Suneel Sitaula 3 Sep 15
- Your Mystic Adviser. App. Free reading, and Rashifal. direct link:-
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