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Awkward Lefty Enterprise Nov 23
Replying to @McFaul @DrRamser
Swear it, 💯true. of REPUBLICAN lead(but; American, like it's been all my life. Madisonian democracy!) Senate Intel. went further than , by naming K. Keleminik(Manafort's bf; Ukrn lobby)Full blown GRU/FSB agent! Foldering acct. Reset every 24hrs
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Harley Quinn Nov 27
That's what the says too. Carter said this a while ago, if I remember correctly.
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freebirdSCZ Nov 21
I’ve said it since the midterms, isn’t leaving in Marine One. He’s leaving in bracelets in a motorcade to FBIHQ for questioning about is role as Unnamed Individual One, aka Part 2 of the .
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Avenger Nov 22
Yes, Misha spent many hours with Mueller per Judge called him a TRAITOR, in court & retracted his statement. Misha wanted to do his time. Judge recommended to spend additional time with Mueller. Judge KNOWS EXACTLY what's goin on & has UNREDACTED
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Kevin Murphy Nov 26
We will see a renewed effort from the to attack the and the felonies it brought to light. As soon as is out those felonies and the charges, and investigations need move at warp speed. ☺️
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announced that it will delay oral arguments for the case. The court also granted certiorari to hear two cases, which are expected to be argued sometime in early 2021. Robert Kaufman of writes:
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J. Robert Holland Nov 20
Replying to @luvbadjazz
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Key Mueller Witness Exposes Key Russiagate Lies by Aaron Maté 5
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Jake Heidlage Nov 21
Replying to @KLoeffler
Totally exonerated. Where have I heard that phrase before.
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M.G. DeQuincy Hall Nov 23
Replying to @Steve_Dion_
Gonna guess you’ve not read volume I of the ...
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Anastasia Beaverhausen aka Aunty-Fa Nov 24
The unredacted Mueller report should be released on January 21.
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Laura Niell Nov 25
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CA Girl Nov 24
, would it be possible for you to release the redacted ? I know you want to move forward, and we should, but some episodes from the “administration” need closure. We need to shed light on the corruption from his time to ensure
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RP 💛🐝 Nov 24
Yep. I seriously hope there is some form of accountability & reckoning imposed upon him, Ivanka, Jared, and members of his admin that helped with the lies, corruption & abuse of power on a whole host of issues. Not all state crimes I know. But revealed a lot.
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NJ2NC Nov 22
Replying to @tribelaw
When has doing what is right and just ever been easy? Just don't pull another on us. BTW, has the un-redacted report ever been released?
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Todd Baur Nov 20
Replying to @MrAlanCooper
FBI has been tracking the growth of the Russian mob in NYC that Ghouliani enabled. Connected to the 's findings its all starting to make sense how this asshole's life work is to undermine our democracy.
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CannabisYogaChic Nov 27
Exactly why I feel like I’m being held hostage by imbeciles We must breakup all this dystopian concentration of power Why the fuck is allowed this much power or or Release the unredacted We can start there!
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Cathie✍️ Nov 25
Replying to @duty2warn
***redactions 2 the ****
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F W Cole Nov 24
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Dang, I forgot the fraud & captured in the & impeachment. So many witches, that is why a witch hunt was needed. Too many dang Witches.
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bPositive Nov 21
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