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Maya Wiley Jul 12
The issue of timing is not small. And yet it is critical that the American people hear from what his report says. For many, it will be the primary way they learn what it really says.
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Peter Daou 7h
ENOUGH WAITING FOR Mueller already wrote a report. Mueller already spoke on camera. Why do people continue to play the "waiting for Muller to save us" game? There's more than enough evidence to WITHOUT Mueller. Just already.
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⚖️-WitchHuntress-🌼 Jul 12
Replying to @DianaRVA1
What I don't understand is why Congress should leave for a month long vacation while immigrants are still being abused, Trump & officials have not been held to task for ANY of the Russia issues & our Democracy continues to burn down. We pay them.
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Sara A. Carter 8h
Dems plot strategy for grilling ahead of highly-anticipated testimony
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Sara A. Carter Jul 15
.: 'A lot of risk' for to testify, 'dirty cops' will reveal themselves
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Judicial Watch 🔎 Jul 12
.: “The dossier, used by Mueller to target , should have been investigated by if he was interested in the real Russian interference in the election. It’s the cornerstone of the real Russia interference in the campaign.”
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Mark Davis Jul 12
I said for months that would never testify. I am tempted to delicately return to that prediction. He is a horrible witness, even for the document that bears his name. GOP questioning would be a guided missile into the gut of every truther. We'll see.
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Petr Svab Jul 15
Whatever leverage may have had over now appears about spent. Or do they have something up their sleeves? Let's try to connect some dots.. via
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BrooklynDad_Defiant! Jul 12
As much as I'd like to see testify ASAP, coverage of incoming will dominate, as well as the . Hate to wait, but that hearing should have wall-to-wall exclusive attention that doesn't compete with life or death situations.
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Andy Ostroy Jul 11
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Sounds like someone’s getting more and more panicked, desperate and terrified over testifying next week. What are you so afraid of, ?
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🌊 Trustno1 🌊 -✖️📂🛸👽🔦 Jul 12
Replying to @BHawkfanRob
You mean the 10 crimes committed that outlined in his report? Yeah, that's nothing to people like you.
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Sara A. Carter Jul 12
testimony delayed by one week |
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Mueller, She Wrote Podcast Jul 19
Replying to @MuellerSheWrote
2/ Pick one of the obstruction acts. Ask mueller to go over the three criteria. Then ask if those criteria meet the requirements to charge someone with a crime as outlined in the federal manual. The ONLY answer is yes, & it’s not hypothetical. Don’t fuck this up, y’all.
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Cornelia 5h
I've always believed this to be true⤵️. Too much just didn't add up in 2016. "There is no question in my mind that the Russian intervention went further than what has been told to us in the report..they got into the voting machines MORE THAN WE KNOW."-
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Kwasi Hudson Jul 12
Reports of a delay of the in regards to wanting more time to question displays the inept ability of the Leadership of the to plan for the long game.
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Judicial Watch 🔎 Jul 17
JW announced the DOJ released 73 pages of records containing text messages & calendar entries of special counsel prosecutor Andrew Weissmann showing he led the hiring effort for the investigation that targeted
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Andy Ostroy 10h
Something tells me this is gonna cause a BIGLY twitter meltdown starting this morning. Many people are saying he’s completely losing his shit right now. We’ll see what happens. Believe me...
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Davie 7h
Replying to @Shem_Infinite
TW's correct! looks possessed.
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chris tachibana 16h
Replying to @THSEA
And there's Kathy Hsieh on the late shift :) Report
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The Loyal Opposition 🇺🇸 Jul 19
found a lot of criminal activity: 37 indictments 7 guilty pleas or convictions 10 potential instances of obstruction Lying to investigators & over 100 meetings w/Russians, Wikileaks If you or I did this, we’d go to jail. The same laws apply to POTUS.
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