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Farm Fairy Crafts 5m
Claims 2 b Focused on Ending World Hunger but Spent Close to $100 Million to Squelch . $100Million = How Much Food??
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dj fiin 3h
It's an antibiotic drain cleaner and knows it.
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Askthepoolman Feb 20
Replying to @rareseeds
Keep out of your and blood also !
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Roberta Clemente 2h
This isn’t just Trump, this is a crisis going on for years. plus spraying to prevent West Nile disease kills millions of bees too! Please just stop pesticides and work on putting insects back on the earth to take care of us.
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Robert F. Kennedy Jr 3h
First federal trial begins Monday in San Francisco.
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GMWatch Feb 19
India’s Supreme Court refuses to halt probe into ’s anti-competitive practices
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Nicky Kyle Gardening 8h
Replying to @rob_cannell
I agree, there IS a great deal of . That was shown recently when previously undisclosed documents revealed by a Californian court case proved that had deliberately falsified published on - to hide the that it is .
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Mogul Minds Network 2h
Replying to @HillaryClinton
Maybe you should talk to your buddies at and tell them to stop poisoning us. Just a thought
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Jesús Feb 14
Weedkiller 'raises risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma by 41%'
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Bullfish_artist 🐃🐠🐕🌍🏳️‍🌈🌊 48m
wont fund it. neither. Two companies leading the way for farmers & a greener tomorrow through science and innovation.
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Lori Campbell 4h
, an herbicide weed killer, raises the risk of those exposed to it by 41% U of Washington evaluated existing studies into the chemical -- found in weed killers including 's Roundup -- significantly ⬆️risk of non-Hodgkin (NHL)
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Snarky Fart 18h
Replying to @nationalpost
Mmmmmmm. Lab meat. Just add veggies and call it dinner.
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GMWatch 2h
Forbes retracts attack on paper showing link between and cancer Tobacco industry-linked author failed to disclose connections
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Jay Schwartz Feb 20
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michael Tavernier Feb 20
Gm plants before 😱😂
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SwissBankMane Feb 19
Yes, pay someone from the UK to provide sources on the non-existence of a fake disease
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T 2h
Per my last tweet.....Most of the time these companies are aware of the harm that the chemicals can cause (many have been categorized as carcinogenic) and fail to mention it... or fail to have their products tested safely by a third party
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Safe Food Matters 2h
Replying to @GinettePT @Bayer
and all you need to do to get is eat conventionally grown Canadian chickpeas or legumes or wheat or cereal or... Time to issue an indy review of /’s Ginette.
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Askthepoolman Feb 21
Replying to @l_ocvirek @AWG_News
Let’s make our new ! 🙏🏽💸😯
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