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captangh 19h
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James E Daspit 22h
Replying to @treasurecolecto
in the past two days.” Though the statement did not name the to which the belonged, the area where the operation had taken place is a known State hotbed. Despite such concerted efforts, the Islamic State remains active and carries out
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7D News 15h
Suspected Militants Kill 10 Mali Soldiers - Security Source
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#TheReign 52m
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Hadia Essazada Apr 20
Keep tracking the situation with my friends Inside Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, which is under attack by !! This is heartbreaking 💔
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More than 60 killed in various operations across
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عام آدمی | Mango Man 2h
The presence of in with shows the seriousness of & to realise to start operation against involved in in esp in recently.
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Hamidullah Babu 9h
It is not yet clear who carried out the bombings on Sunday in . But were a primary target, and their faith has been increasingly under attack by and across South and Southeast Asia
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Incredible Rob Apr 15
Replying to @CelebritiesBuz
😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 u couldn't even promote your own
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Best On Twittter Apr 17
Replying to @jacob_amos @SkyTNewton
No. The irony is he can’t stand the heat, so he storms off. If you can’t face questions, regardless how “tough” it is, then you’re failing. PS. Let people go about their work eh?
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Qudrat Apr 17
Replying to @marvisirmed
PTM is a reaction to these failures of the state. The movement’s core support comes from millennials who grew up witnessing a contrived war between & . Their maneuvers & covert alliances have brought only utter devastation to .
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(((SALEEM SAMAD))) Apr 20
Replying to @ASJBaloch
women forced to wear has no mention in . It is an edict of they found in
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Qayoom Khan قیوم خان Apr 17
Militants on Wednesday evening appeared in keegam village of district and offered gun salute. Reports said that Group of 5 appeared at the grave of slain Hizb militant namely Bilal Ahmad urf Hamza and fired many shots in air to pay tribute to their colleague.
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kellz_dc Apr 18
Replying to @shattawalegh
The hit track your have is =
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OpsLens Apr 16
American Military Preparing for Seven-Year Mission to Battle Islamist Militants in Somalia
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Srini Apr 18
They must be a poor Headmaster's Child whose nose was rubbed on the ground by . Naturally they are . Maybe should respect international boundaries and quit
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H.E. Baron Sir Faisal Rana 5h
Local had intl in carrying out – Sri Lanka’s health minister — RT World News
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Gousia Mir Apr 16
attacked residence of JKNC_ leader Ashraf Bhat by firing UBGL at tral when National Conference Parliamentary cnst candidate Hasnain Masoodi was adressing workers their, Grenade Exploded outside residence. No loss or damage reported .
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Martin Z. Apr 16
Replying to @Martin_Zabel
More pictures uploaded an hour ago. Too graphic to share, decapitation as well as field executions of alleged and "Spies". As well as raids in غدوة in southern - old tactics to target low and mid-level "state" structures to gain strength.
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Yen Motion Apr 20
24hrs and you trending....tune so bhard bhard bhaaaard paah paaah paaaah
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