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rachel richardson 8h
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Demp Son of YAH 8h
Madam president it seems that old Trump is concerned about your safety traveling 2 a consider it a blessing n disguise we all know would happen the last time and his disciple said it was safe over there 4 US soldiers were slaughtered
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Raimond² 3h
Replying to @LaurenAshburn @VP and 4 others
And I always thought "Christian teachings" was about love your neighbor, but according to and his wife it means live your neighbor unless they are gay...
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Alex P. Keaton 4h
How many people think was in dark of all crimes
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Jim Wickson 14m
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Hannah Britain-Jones 44m
Mike Pence seems to think all Christians hate gay kids as much as he does? bitch please, did you miss the final commandment?
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Dr. Larry Mitchell 2h
I dunno. A president Pence would be fun for a few weeks, just worrying him with question after question about his hillbilly brother-fucker attitude towards anyone not twisted in the exact same way he is.
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Virtual Imperialism Media and Stuff 10h
Can a turtle be a or is he just wauting so he can get to Jan. 21 so Pence can he for 10 years.
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Tim's Truths, MS, Ph.D 18h
Replying to @GOP @VP and 2 others
No, it's time for the and to drop this hostile position against the American workers
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Peter André Daignault 1h
Replying to @HuffPostPol
sums up 's so called religious values
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D. Wayne Radcliffe 6h
is one of those loathsome, stiff, get-off-my-lawn uptight robots you can’t help but want to punch in the face. He’s also a duplicitous sycophant of , but having said that I also intuit that this Stepford white...
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Matthew Leach 5h
YOU'RE offensive. You claim to be super-Christian, you don't even know what Christianity is, you dogma-fed fool.
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(((Sam Kestu))) 2h
Better for President Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence to resign together. For the good of the country and for their own good.
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Sarah O'Callaghan #PeoplesVote 🇪🇺🇮🇪🏳️‍🌈 Jan 16
Watching talking on last year and choking on every word last year, was one of the most hypocritical things I have ever seen happen. Ever. They're not fit to clean 's loo.
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Sherie Jan 12
Replying to @JohnA_USMCvet @VP
What did know? It’s impossible for good ole Mike not to know.
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Commander Han Solo Jan 16
a.k.a. the Liar-in-Second
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Robin Edwards Jan 16
Five bucks to anyone who can prove isn’t an animatronic.
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KTH Jan 9
Sycophant lies lies & more lies!
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Alexandra 6h
Replying to @TiaBarricini
That's the same look had during the show's Chuck & Nancy episode.
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Holy Bullies 6h
Evangelical hate group: Stop picking on Karen Pence because she may think LGBTQs are second class citizens
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