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Ginger Tolman 5h
Obviously not.
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ColumbiaSocialSci 4h
Political Scientist Donald Green discussed how representative-elect Alexandria -Cortez's organizing may present a strategy for sustained success beyond the 2018 .
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Mike Pembleton Jr 3m
Just know I just had a test on Systemic Theology and I let the Lord intervene on my behalf. 🤦🏽‍♂️😭
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raetiredhotflashgift 2h
and who knows/ gotta be some reason why she won makes me sick
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Kathryn Bache 4h
Replying to @3sedavis
Huge win for the
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National Journal 4h
Voter turnout in the 2018 reached a record high for the past century. But which districts most contributed to this increase? See the slide below for a comprehensive list:
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Chris Radtke Dec 9
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Rolando Cantú 20h
The most common question I get is how I was able to manage going to school full-time, intern at , and campaign all over the east coast for the . Honestly, all it takes is hard work and the passion for something you believe in and know that is going to all work out
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Elmer Saunders Dec 5
It _IS_ a huge national scandal. But seems to feel that given are over and long time before next elections, public will forget all this before voting again. I see it as 18 months to prepare some REALLY DAMAGING election ads!
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emma jane heward Dec 9
Replying to @StaevStorm @Reuters
I’m from Europe. It’s not happening. Get a clue please 😆😆😆 Even America doesn’t want him LOLLLLLL
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Xxtra Special & Free Dec 7
The brought a series of historic firsts for women of color. Read our Congressional Outlook to see the women that are part of this diverse incoming class of Congress.
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Farid Parsa Dec 9
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Your got you to the with -3 millions of votes! You are losing since than in every single election including the ! No wall paid by No repeal&replace Only taxcut for top1% & more deficit! is down like your polls!
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His approval is only measured by
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ميّ الخرافي Dec 1
december used to be my favorite month
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Deerfield Beach High Dec 6
tomorrow your exemption forms will be due to Students Affairs so if you have not turned yours in yet then be sure to if you would like to exempt up to three !
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Lynn 🐮🌿 Dec 4
Two and a half hours to go in the Georgia election runoffs!
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Amy #BlueWaveTX Manuel Dec 9
Anyone that tells the press that Dems need a white man to run against Trump: a) paid no attention to the results of the b) is a white man running for president
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The Resistance Nov 30
and Baldy on his left with some of the all time coldest takes on live TV, claiming “Scott Walker is unbeatable” “5 pickups in the Senate” and “Not a wave election in the House.” DEEP INTO ELECTION NIGHT. This is so satisfying to watch.
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Lasha Dec 6
Replying to @naturalbeings01
Which to me is too soon to tell as its very fresh after and there alot of issues that need to be dealt with but whoever wishes to run then we should watch and just see how it goes without the attacks on eachother as we've learned from the 2016 election
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Bryan Derrick 🌊 Dec 8
Same here it's unfortunate that won. With him against during the it officially painted as a stronghold for me like . Theres also the defeat which now gives us an unbalanced scale when it comes to .😐
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