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Tube Time 11 Feb 19
slowly rotating chip under a microscope. lightfield, darkfield, lightfield, darkfield. 🔬
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Tube Time 17 Dec 18
hard disk head at rest on the platter. many, many gigabytes in this photo! 🔬
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It's 🔬check out the CRM100! In the video you are seeing light reflect at different angles from all of the microscopic features on this part as moves a light source around it, the camera remains stationary.
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Check out this 3D print on fabric under the microscope by ! happy !🔬
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BMR Science 5 Feb 18
It’s in the science department
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SERC Invasions Lab 18 Sep 17
Ever heard the myth that the color blue doesn't exist in nature? Well, check out this bryozoan (Virididentula dentata)! 💙🔬
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American Museum of Natural History Jul 8
🦠It’s time for ! One of the most charismatic microscopic animals is the tardigrade, also known as the water bear or moss piglet. This tiny critter is a common resident of mossy soils, where it sucks up food through a tubular mouth.
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MBL History Project 30 Nov 15
A 1935 ad reminding you to choose your microscope as you would choose a friend!
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American Museum of Natural History Jul 1
🦠Happy ! This animal is a rotifer. Rotifers have a single foot at one end that aids them with movement and attachment to surfaces. At the other end, a crown of cilia funnels water & particles through the mouth & mastax.
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It's 🔬 Xbox 360 HD DVD player photodiode chip, MLX75012 by
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Washington Square Park Eco Projects 26 Mar 18
throwback to collecting a puddle sample in Washington Square Park in 2017 + still from her video microscope.
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Meghan Cannon-Johann 14 May 18
One of my students brought in this for Can you guess what she found?
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SERC Invasions Lab 16 Jul 18
Happy & ! Check out this pic of the nudibranch Triopha maculata taken in Morro Bay! 🐌🔬
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SERCMarineDisease 1 Oct 18
Fish can get lice! But fish lice are crustaceans, not insects like the lice that infect humans. This particular fish louse (Argulus spp.) is a blood feeding that attaches to many fish species with the aid of two large suckers.
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Maurice Lee Sep 30
It's ! Today I'm going to post a bunch of tweets about how I correct for drift while I'm imaging. What is drift? Drift is the relative movement of the sample in all 3 dimensions (X, Y, Z). On the camera, it looks like the sample is slowly moving away.
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Maurice Lee Sep 23
It's been a while since I last did a !🔬 I think I've already shared a photo of almost every microscope in our lab. But I don't think I've shared a photo of our very simple lightsheet so here it is! (we had to remove the eyepiece and white light from our IX71)
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Dr Robert Mason 8 Jan 18
“Multi-lighting” of a bronze , year 16 of , excavated in in 1961, on the new digital . It enables viewing of the object with the light coming from different directions.
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Dr. Allison Gong 14 Jan 19
When on a hunt for and found 'em! My videography skills need work, obviously, but I'll try again when I have more time and the right equipment with me.
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🔬🤔✨Happy ! What chip is this ?!
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Tawse Winery 15 Aug 16
Microscope view of the healthy 2015 Spark yeast culture
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