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Mikki Halpin Jul 22
Can we stop with the phrase “brought down by the movement?” Abusers and predators and harassers are “brought down” by their own fucking actions. Framing perps as victims and ignoring the survivor-centered vision of and others is so fucked up.
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MJ Lee Jul 19
NEW: I spent time with three women who say they were assaulted by Donald Trump. Their stories are different, but they’ve all grappled with the same question in the era of : What does justice look like when the accused is the world's most powerful man?
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Adam B. Vary 21h
Replying to @adambvary
I cannot WAIT for the press tour in which they talk about being inspired by . “As the father of daughters and occasionally a husband of a wife, I felt it was my responsibility to play a man who rapes his best friend’s wife in the olden days when such things still happened.”
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PeterKlaven Jul 19
Is this sexual battery? Joy Behar
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Dani Bostick 23h
US Center for SafeSport policies fail to protect athletes from abuse How bad is it? A coach can use a form like this to get permission to sleep alone with a child in a hotel room SafeSport endangers children by including this kind of waiver in their policies. Not OK
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112 lbs. Jul 19
Replying to @LPahang
This is a joint project by The Office of the Vice President, UN Women, The Embassy of Sweden in Manila, SPARK! Philippines, and Empower. It's the Philippine version of the movement.
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zahra malik Jul 21
Dnt use against Man's plz....i respect all.ladies who works in showbiz industry but never use this gun against Man's....i know ali zafar and now mohsin is innocent actor's in our a women i stand with you
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Dr Eric Levi Jul 19
A visiting medical student from a European country completely bypassed me in theatre despite my having my name and role on my cap. He went straight to my trainee who’s a tall white male and asked if he could observe him in theatre. This happens to you too right?
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Sushmita Dev 13h
The Beti Bachao Gang has disbanded the panel of ministers to review laws on Sexual Harassment. How is S 8 of RTI that protects integrity & sovereignty of India relevant here. Basically the answers to RTI queries will embarrass the Govt.
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Jake Tapper Jul 19
Trump accusers feel left behind by the movement reports
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TheQuartering 15h
Big video dropping very shortly on the TRUTH about the allegations against Honest Trailer creator Andy Signore. Literally EVERYONE was lying. All the details in 40 ready
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andi zeisler Jul 22
Replying to @andizeisler
I truly don't understand how anyone who has engaged even casually with the facts of — and Mayer has engaged far beyond that — can think "This was unfair treatment because it's not like he was Roy Moore" is an acceptable conclusion.
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Jean Dinco 14h
It's appalling how some people get offended by ' dress but will not bat an eye about the horrific drug war.
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Yuan Yang 3h
Incredible exhibition up for one day today in Beijing showcasing China's movement, organised by local feminists 1/n
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Vicky Ward Jul 19
Replying to @VickyPJWard
I am thankful for the brave women of the movement for forever changing the rules of engagement. The system will no longer protect predators.
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DeniseMarie 14h
Where are you movement
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RazörFist Jul 18
Nominating - a film with an impossible timeline, which is the subject of ongoing litigation - for a 'Best Documentary' Emmy as if its many well-publicized issues simply don't exist... is some next-level pandering.
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#MeTooIndia 13h
It’s not “victim of ” It’s not “accused of ” It’s not “brought down by ” It’s not “ star” It’s not “ actress” It’s not “ scandal” It’s not “ controversy” Maybe let’s change the way we address ?
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عبدالله 21h
Cristiano Ronaldo Proved "Innocent" in Alleged Vegas Rape Case This B*tch Kathryn Mayorga Should Be Sentenced To 25 years For Trying To Destroy His Image Another Drama exposed Official Report
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Kyle Miller 14h
Replying to @emrazz
80% of men asking if has gone too far, probably shouldn’t be left alone with women or children.
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