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Geek On Caffeine 50m
Replying to @mydwynter
I wouldn’t say I saw it before bed. More like turned on tv at 3am b/c couldn’t sleep and there it was. Also lordy I’m old.
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Willem🍳n ❄️ Jan 15
Different stages of dino
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Memorial City Jan 15
Talk about sweet memories! Take a trip down with some childhood classics from ! What was your favorite candy when you were a kid? Check out the Trip Down Memory Lane Collection!
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Finau Kubunavanua 1h
Replying to @CaqePepa_Inc
I want to kill this ball wen i see this pic!
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Bugs Jan 15
Oh yeah! Okay now I remember that one. My cousin had that! I was thinking it was hot wheels.
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Ann Bordetsky ⚡️🎫 10h
Replying to @dadiomov @FastCompany
Been a while since I’ve read this! Sooo many things I’d do differently in retrospect, and I cringe at some of the EV initiatives popping up now, but was in invaluable experience at the time.
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Abs Jan 15
The 90’s was the bomb for music
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Jason Mahoney Jan 15
Just struck me today how much damn money I spent on long distance phone calls in the day. And now that crap’s free.
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Oscar Ramirez 17h
Replying to @HoustonChron
We used to take the bus downtown to go to Foley’s. Those were always special trips.
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Stencil Girl 17h
If you took a trip down memory lane, where would it take you? What would you do there, would you reclaim a part of yourself that you'd forgotten about?
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David & Dana 17h
Retirement Journey: our "garage sale" also used 4 rooms in our basement. Thanks to everyone who came out!
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Elizabeth Battiste 7h
I will always be grateful to for his story that elevated to a national profile covered by .
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Diego Torres Sarroi 5h
Great memory of ’s Rehearsal Director Angela Towler about her performing by . PresSentient was the very first work of live dance I saw on stage at the in 2004.
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The Firm, Secrets, Brannigan Brothers, Black Rose, Eden Rock... Washington Sq was popping at one point! I missed those other clubs but they’re was music and a vibe for all types of people!
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Apocalypse Slouch Jan 11
When I first got on Twitter, I somehow got the impression that was gay and was flirty with him. Then I figured out he wasn't and it was weird, but he was always cool.
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Minal 14h
Not sure if I agree with all the rankings but I definitely feel the same about season 2 as #1! Season 4 was great too!
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Gareth O'Callaghan Jan 15
Replying to @nualacarey25
OMG Nuala! I actually remember that photo being taken. I had just moved to the 2fm breakfast show. It was August 1999. I loved all those chats we had in the canteen back then. Great days. Thanks so much for this
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Ladi JD Art Jan 13
Lets take a walk down together. This was one of my first "canvas" paintings. Lol i was so inexperienced i didnt even know to put gesso on the raw duck clothe canvas! Lol it…
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IgniteRocksShow 9h
How about a wander down the shows ? Tracks you forgot you enjoyed?! This week it's & at 1:31:12 Playing loud is recomended 😄
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Pretty Girls Jan 10
. explains the message behind the puppet in his ‘LoVE me Now’ album artwork, branding himself & more. Watch the series premiere of ➡️
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