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Notes and Nerds 20h
The is going to get non-functioning add-ons replicating the look of the Mega-CD, 32x, Sonic & Knuckles, and a standard Cartridge (16 total!). These all lock onto the Mega Drive Mini. Dear we want them too!
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Michael Klarname 11h
I found a video on youtube: "The 42 Games of the Sega Genesis Mini". Nice.
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Damien McFerran Jun 25
Japanese Mega Drive Mini Collector's Edition Comes With 22 Tiny Cartridges via
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Trev Jun 25
hey are you planning on releasing the in Europe with six button controllers as well?
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The finally came back in stock on Amazon Japan, so that's that sorted.
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Someone please stop me—now I've got the accessories coming too. 😅
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Computer Man Jun 20
From what I've seen of the Mega Drive Mini so far, it's definitely the best mini console of all.
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Flat E͢R҉̵IC Jun 21
Updated list of all 42 games: 11,6Mbit on average, in my opinion a really good choice of games. Darius and Tetris additional highlights. Sadly no Sonic 3/Knuckles, no Thunderforce IV and no cowabunga... But probably ? 🤔
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Mike Irving Jun 18
So I pre-ordered the earlier :)
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retro kat Jun 23
Replying to @sanxion
Absolutely, who needs a megadrive mini* and a mock up miniature sega cd when Multi-Mega consoles exist 😀 (I’ll still be getting one)
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G.I. Deon Jun 17
Steel Empire (Empire of Steel) is a side-scrolling released on the Genesis/Mega Drive in 1992. It was later ported to the Game Boy Advance in 2004 and the 3DS in 2014. I like the steampunk styling, unique for the time.
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ɐuᴉɹqɐS Jun 23
I just pre-ordered the Mega Drive Mini and am so freaking excited about it! Best game list a could ask for! Could it already be September, please?!
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8Bits 27m
LA EDICIÓN DE COLECCIONISTA DE MEGA DRIVE MINI EN JAPONÉS VIENE CON 22 CARTUCHOS “MINI”😍🤤 Como podrán confirmar en la tienda Sega de Japón, viene en camino una Edición de colección especial para ...
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Une édition de dingue pour la Sega Mega Drive Mini
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GamesMarket : Le Blog 4h
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Vahanian Pascal 6h
Replying to @KochMediaFR
L'exclusivité Darius!
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Promotion bien visible pour la dans les grandes boutiques d’électroniques comme ici à Yamada Denki. Ça s'annonce vraiment bien pour la "nouvelle" machine de !
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Michael Klarname 22h
Release of the on . Release of on . July to September. Who came up with that?
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Antonio de la Época Jun 25
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テンゴク Jun 25
Replying to @tengoqu
の収録ソフト。武者アレが実は一番楽しみだったりする。 これ気になってたけど、結局触れなかったゲームなので。
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