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TheMcWhineyGroup Nov 30
On this day in 1954, in Sylacauga, Alabama, a meteorite crashes through the roof of a house and into a living room, bounces off a radio, and strikes Elizabeth Hodges on the hip. The space rock was a sulfide meteorite weighing 8.5 pounds and measuring 7 inches.
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TheMcWhineyGroup Apr 29
On this day in 1974, President announces to the public that he will release transcripts of 46 taped White House conversations in response to a trial issued in July 1973.
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TheMcWhineyGroup Nov 29
On November 29, 2001, in Los Angeles, California, English musician, singer-songwriter, music and film producer who achieved international fame as the lead guitarist of the Beatles, George Harrison passed away due to Metastatic lung cancer.
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TheMcWhineyGroup Nov 28
On this day in history in 1925, the Grand Ole Opry, one of the longest-lived and most.popular showcases for western music, begins broadcasting live from Nashville, Tennessee.
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TheMcWhineyGroup May 3
In Tokyo, Japan, the International Military Tribunals for the Far East begins hearing the case against 28 and officials accused of committing and crimes against humanity during
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Karl saunders 16 Jun 12
Replying to @dannyh1912
hahaha just going to have a look on the net in a min & try find cheapest place to get it
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TheMcWhineyGroup May 1
On this day in 1960, American U-2 spy plane was shot down over the . The single-seat , flown by pilot Francis Gary Powers, was hit by an S-75 Dvina and near .
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新鮮な食材を用意しますた 9 Apr 15
ラ・パレット パーソナル・オーブントースター ピンク 【トースター オーブン 調理機 料理 家電 家電 キッチン デジタルタイマー パ... 3,780 円 【通販パーク】
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