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Paige Flink Dec 4
Gonna miss you You have been an awesome of . and I appreciate the stand you have taken to You made a difference in the lives of victims in our city. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
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Joe Dec 8
Replying to @brohrbach @Murf56
Man. They cant buy a shot. Maybe bring Fred back as a player??
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page mus'ab Dec 9
Dora going to be Santa Claus or a for the drunks in downtown
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Erik Cudd Dec 7
I promise you, my is cooler than yours.
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Sean Wallace Dec 7
Replying to @sean_in_arena
I, am merely asking, you, Sir, to simply do this: A brief . To: Someone, whom, you already know. A . In an established field of, work/study/research: . . . . . . In order to begin this: Writing the Law.
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Robert W Dec 5
Thanks for the post game coverage
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Frank Odiphri Dec 5
Replying to @IamMayorKun
Ar u sick... .
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Ox Tweets Dec 7
β€œβ€ The stopped by today to show his support for our campaign today. Gifts for elderly people who might not get one donated in store distributed by .
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Mathew J. Mari Dec 7
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Shila Odedra-Silvera 13h
We were lucky enough to have our fabulous of and the famous town crier with us for our Christmas lights switch-on ceremony Also delighting us with their dulcet tones were the lovely pupils from Butlers Court Sch. Thank you!
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Nitz Dec 7
Replying to @BBMP_MAYOR
Please educated AE to close the tickets in time! That will be most valuable work of . Please take action.
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syeda rasool Dec 9
Replying to @NYCMayorsOffice
1122 franklin avenue all bed full please update 311 please keep yourself update too not only photo yes I have 12 hours night day work for corporation revenue zero homeless
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Adam Bailey Dec 9
Straight up playa, as the motha flubbin .. .... :::: ayeeeee ayeeeee drop it down low pop it pop it flop it flop it ayeeeeee ayeeeee
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Alamo RGC 16h
Here we go again... SA City Council this Thursday, December 13, will appoint what appears to be a homosexual female to the 's . She is Ruby Resendez, this time...
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#MaryCAFFREY Dec 9
Replying to @presstelegram
I am not surprised! So nun = you are related to USA (past = =created her scumbag office ancestry mural=all Chinese in her area=related)so you also guilty of promoting imposter ?
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Rose Dec 5
Replying to @MayorofLondon
You really never understood what was the role of a , if was running like clock work, if kids weren't stabbing each other, if thugs on mopeds weren't snatching phones, bags and throwing acid @ people, if old people weren't getting killed in their homes ....1/2
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Umhlaba Wethu Dec 9
These "I'm in town" texts/dm's are annoying and an insult. Especially from people you're not even friends with. If you want to report your location, you may contact the or . Maybe they will know what to do with that information.
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Curtis L Walker 3h
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City of Baytown, TX 18h
Because we can’t get enough of in πŸŽ„πŸ€ πŸŽ„
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Stew Leonard's 19h
Join Stew & this morning 10am unveiling our new World Record Largest Cheese Statue! On display today for the first time in CT at !
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