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Puzzle 3h
Replying to @JuliaHB1 @talkRADIO
Huawei Madness Decision! and Go Now!
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Max 12h
Replying to @melaniekmelvin
Theresa May has not taken a single sure step in this whole process. Its all been falter, slip & drag. Wait till it becomes clear that all she's willing to change is the scribbles on the sticky note attached to the PD. This'll backfire like all the rest
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Theresa May's a Liar 🇬🇧 Apr 22
Replying to @ConorBurnsUK
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Richard Apr 22
Hopefully you won't be working with him for too long! Call a general election now because we want you to go, we have had enough of you and your self serving colleague's
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Stacy Clarke 2h
Get your act together or you are doomed for generations to come.
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Andy Keech 11h
Another awful May decision and catastrophe waiting to happen. She has no authority or mandate to make these crucial long-term decisions.
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Socialist 15h
snubbing a young girl, who wants climate change, your finished
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Richard de Gerber Apr 22
let be PM and tell Rudd she's retiring. Get sorted we were ready for March 29th now your indecision in parliament is actually costing investment and businesses money, get on with leaving via WTO, send Crawford Falconer to negotiate FTA not MP's
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Justice of the Peace 14h
It`s the buffoons in that have brought us to this place. Negotiations have failed owing to not exercising the power we had in 2016. spoilers in Brussels is the logical way to go.
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Angela Walters 30m
absolutely essential for our security However couldn't care less about this nation. She is only 100% behind & dances to their tune. As she kneels in church every Sunday does she realise how much she lies?
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Frank Apr 22
has allowed remoaners to sabotage brexit. It is only recoverable if a leave advocate leads the negotiations. May must end her dictatorial reign now & not lead the UK in to a disastrous deal. The public want a not EU imprisonment
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XR Frome ! Apr 22
Replying to @PaulBrandITV
26th April would be the best day for May to go.
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Matthew Chapman 1h
Replying to @BBCWorld
And yet He's been invited over here for a state visit? Well done Theresa, another reason why you should go now!
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Trevor Howson Apr 22
Replying to @LBC @clivebull
She is the WORST person for that job. Literally at every key milestone of negotiations she has made a pigs ear of it. For someone so powerful is very very dangerous & utterly disastrous for our country
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Pete's Tweets 11h
I am now totaly convinced that this woman is either a covert operative or else needs to be sectioned
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Charlie Fitzherbert Apr 21
Replying to @oflynnmep
Drop the '0' and get rid by the end of next week.
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Stacy Clarke Apr 21
Replying to @philiprichards5
No. Not a word. She has lost all credibility.
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Tories back on the scene after having their undeserved holidays and the pound drops!
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Paul Mitchell 24h
Has Theresa become so detached from the reality of the Tories situation that she has become their Colonel Kurtz? If so who will be their Captain Willard? Boris?
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