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Chris P Apr 19
The woman on didn't really know her Brit Pop, did she.
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Si Spencer Apr 19
Lawks that was embarrassing Britpop
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Stephen Apr 19
Well hello Jack!
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Richard Bradshaw Apr 19
12/14 on Britpop mastermind round. Menswear's record label and Glastonbury b-stage name let me down.
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Brandy Whitmire 2h
Mastermind with the best and surround yourself with people who want to see you win!!! Going through my Bahama notes and implementing more ways to become better, faster, stronger and more efficient! It’s a good day! 😊
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ZI-ORanger 16h
Australia had a question in the 1st episode asking what company he belongs too, guy got it right too.
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David Hutchison Apr 19
I'm enjoying seeing back on Aussie screens after such a long time away.
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People Centric Apr 19
If you’re giving a gift, make it personal. Don’t: - Give then leftovers - Give so much swag they now feel like a billboard vs a person.
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NomDePlume 20h
Replying to @malaysiakini
Where is justice for family Until today, no sign or news of the REAL responsible in paying the lawyers to hire the thugs to create unrest at the temple ...... that lead to Adib losing his life. The REAL MUST be brought to justice NOT PROTECTED
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godigtl Apr 19
Replying to @russellbrunson
I’m ready together with launch
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Amanda Caldwell Apr 19
pleasefix thesubtitles on
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SBS Australia Apr 14
Do you have what it takes? tonight 6pm
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Filo Sushi 13h
does have aspects that remind me of the original Australian version of years ago. Especially with the lighting.
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Lou Apr 17
Replying to @jonnybongolacey
Love this ❤❤ esp the screenshot part. You guys make thousands of people smile every month! THANK YOOOOOOU ❤ I'm applying for specialist subject I'll be pants in the general knowledge but I'll blast the subject round!
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Stephanie Brooke Apr 19
Replying to @kevinlydon1
.Not enough time ;) Only two stupidly easy ; like her, I only got the last one wrong (ie I couldn't remember what it was called in time)
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Lainie York Apr 18
you watching on
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G Apr 19
I thought this was celebrity mastermind.. because I've never seen any of them before either
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Tracie Apr 18
Mark losing every jury vote.
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Kathy Benjamin Apr 19
One of the subjects tonight is Henry VIII. This is my moment.
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EH 何浴巾 Apr 16
Replying to @uggugg
This is the civilised and classy version of Hard Quiz. Even the trophy looks classier.
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