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Chairman Mardikins Aug 17
Sunlit uplands lookin' kinda murky. Where'd all the unicorns go?
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Gareth Lewis Aug 18
Gina we have to respect the vote which people voted to leave the EU. George Soros paid heavily for Gina to prevent Brexit happening.
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Marr PE Dept 15h
🏑 Good luck to all our hockey teams playing their first games this morning.🏑
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Babs 🐝⌛️🦋 Aug 22
This is going to be so funny. Can't wait. 😂 BBC News - Channel 4 News boss says media have right to call politicians 'liars'
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Stephen Doughty MP / AS Aug 18
This is a national emergency. There is no mandate for an undemocratic no deal . Reckless liar Johnson + unelected Cummings want to gag our democracy. We demand the PM recalls Parliament. RT if you believe the PM should
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reg morris Aug 21
Another way stripping your pension away another IDS solution waiting to 75 before you collect. Universal Credit was another one of his brainwaves yes it has forced people into work yetthey still receive food bank assistance A lot of UC claimants not here sad but true
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Uncommon Sense Aug 17
I don't care if you voted Remain or Leave. But I do care about democracy. We must reject this absurd, yet frightening attempt at stealing power by Corbyn. He couldn't win it legitimately, so now he's trying to con his way in. MPs must reject and condemn it.
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Rabble Cat 13h
Replying to @BBCr4today
Why is that even a question? As journalists and representative of the British public it's your duty to call out lies... Alas you have failed
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Lizzy Aug 18
🔶 campaigned for EU ref & got it in coalition govt 🔶Lab opposed EU ref but Harman reversed decision as interim leader 🔶 Clarke opposes 2nd ref&wants soft brexit 🔶LDs refusing to work with labour who want 2nd ref& to stop nodeal
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John Smith 16h
Brexit betrayal: Rod Liddle reveals why Corbyn's Party has been destroyed by EU. is-johnson-no-deal-second-referendum-spt
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Uncommon Sense 6h
Replying to @jeremycorbyn
YOU VOTED FOR THIS, JEREMY! You voted FOR Article 50, AGAINST the EU's Withdrawal Agreement and ABSTAINED on a People's Vote! Oh, and please don't pretend to 'speak for business' when you want to hike taxes, control exchanges and boards and nationalise everything.
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Highways England Aug 23
Replying to @HighwaysYORKS
J35 UPDATE - The A1M northbound currently has delays of 30 minutes through the area and we are monitoring congestion on the southbound around J37 . The in this area is running slightly slower than normal but there are currently no issues.
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Anne Aug 22
This is soooo good! 😁 The Smiths - How Soon Is Now [Rare Live version][GhOsT^] via
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X-Ray Vision Aug 20
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mick Aug 18
Since UK households throw £15 billion of food into the bin food shortages should not be a problem for any one
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John Smith 3h
: TfL staff perk that lets housemate travel free 'cost record £42m in lost revenue last year'. bonkers!
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SaturdayAndSunday 5h
Jhumpa Lahiri new book "The Penguin Book of Italian Short Stories" is very interesting. You can find it on Amazon at Please retweet and share.
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reg morris 17h
Replying to @gavinesler
To all who think isa done deal we are inthe hands of the speculators on the future of UK £ pound Phase 2 of their operation ready totake place We just haven’t the reserves to prop up the £ We cancelled HS2 train project anther project mothballed we need those trains
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Tim Milne Aug 23
This powerful Save Your Marriage System has several modules, all working together to help you your ...
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Tedbaker Aug 23
Replying to @francesweetman
Are you still getting really turned on by new labour murdering muslins in Iraq, Frances? ...thats your idea of wonderful legacy aka genocide , #
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