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MLLL Sep 14
Here everyone in PR 🇵🇷 we knows that this death toll is exaggerated. In addition, the island was already deteriorated before by acts of corruption and lack of interest of politicians to work in favor of the island. We the people has never blamed you for the deaths
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Ricardo Rossello Sep 17
Signing an Executive Order to send rescue teams to North and South Carolina to help with rescue missions in the aftermath of Hurricane . We will provide support to our fellow american citizens as they did after Hurricane .
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Ana Navarro Sep 11
Trump approval down 6 points. Why? -Trump lies -Manafort conviction -Cohen plea -Lies -Omarosa -McCain death juxtaposed American hero vs American zero -More lies -3k, not 64 deaths caused by in Puerto Rico -Woodward book -NYT op-ed -More lies -Crazy tweets...even on 9/11
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Jon Cooper 🌊 Sep 16
Crooked FEMA Administrator now says that many deaths in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria can be blamed on “spousal abuse,” and NOT the incompetent disaster response by the Trump administration! How low can these people go?
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Jonathan Erdman 22h
One year ago today, rapidly intensified, made Cat. 5 landfall on . Hurricane warnings were issued for PR/VI.
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Joshua Hoyos Sep 12
At least a thousand pallets of water bottles, meant for survivors, were left to rot under the sun. That is what Angelo Cruz Ramos, Ceiba’s mayor, told about what happened to thousands of water bottles that are sitting on a tarmac.
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Century Caps 1h
Do they have 3,000 corpses? If had been a Tsunami many bodies would have disappeared into the ocean....
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Geraldo Rivera Sep 11
Replying to @POTUS
pisses me off watching commentators blaming for 3000 hurricane related deaths in these folks Never wrote or reported anything about PR. There is total ignorance or avoidance of fact power grid was in chaos Power Authority bankrupt & corrupt before hit.
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Porter Anderson Sep 15
Media: on : Even if 's denials of the toll are what we expect, "What is stunning is the lack of pushback from leadership. ... How hard is it for a member of Congress to say is wrong, the numbers are right?"
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Nancy Alvarez, WFTV Sep 11
Almost one year after blue tarps remain in most neighborhoods across Puerto Rico. And under each one is a family filled with anxiety this hurricane season.
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Nicholas Webster Sep 13
Good luck North and South Carolina. Hope you guys all make it out safe. Watch out for they are snakes. 2017. We remember your failure down here in Florida
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Rep. Nydia Velazquez Sep 14
Joining with at a press conference marking one year since landed in
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Arelis R. Hernández Sep 14
THIS is a big deal --> These are NAMES and FACES of 's dead, of folks who would still be alive today but didn't get standard medical treatment after -- assembled by cc:
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maria Sep 17
Replying to @MichaelCBender @WSJ
His comment during a live broadcast that said rampant domestic abuse was a factor in the death rate from was racist, demeaning and ridiculous.
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K Sep 17
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Joshua Hoyos Sep 11
2975- 's official death toll following
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Jasmine Crowe 18h
Feeling in the spirit while putting on my makeup in 😆🎶🗽🎭😜💄I grew up on musical theater
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Arelis R. Hernández Sep 12
Replying to @arelisrhdz
PUERTO RICO: DON JAIME: ‘We got more craters here than the moon’: Puerto Ricans see pocked roads as top problem after
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Stuyvesant Square Sep 15
Replying to @maggieNYT @CNN and 2 others
No, it's not! When was the last time a university population survey was used to assess casualties in the wake of a disaster? quoted THIS survey's author saying she needs to assess how many of the higher-than-normal death were related to
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