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CraftivistGrrl 23m
Hey Florida!! Help get an assault weapon ban on the 2020 ballot. - Sign the petition & mail to address on pg 3 - Retweet - Share widely
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Melissa L. Weber 17m
She means a white kid speaking their talking points. Remember who helped lead the ? And was called a “hired actor” and worse?
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Colleen 18h
You do you
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Colleen Jan 19
Replying to @PrimeVideo
Boycotting Amazon until they stop streaming NRA-TV
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Pete Dako 9h
Replying to @TPM @WhiteHouse and 5 others
THE WORLD has never seen a "KIDS" administration so determined to destroy SO MANY peoples' (of ALL AGES) lives
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paula wood 9h
Stop ignoring gun violence. Tweet #328 since Stoneman Douglas. Universal background checks.
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Derek Jan 22
Replying to @RealJamesWoods
Also a strong argument that you don’t need a gun to commit a violent at schools
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Ms. Krahn 19h
We used ‘The Fab Four’ today to analyze an article about the . It was so fascinating to hear the different perspectives and opinions that this article generated! Thanks for helping us out with this strategy!
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Shelley Souza //#ROAD TO CHANGE 18h
"Be a nuisance where it counts. Be depressed, discouraged and disappointed at failure; and the disheartening effects of ignorance, greed, corruption, and bad politics. But never give up." Marjory Stoneman Douglas.
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Seattle Sports Fan Jan 22
So, the same people going to and wanting gun reform due to school shootings are the same people threatening a school to the point they had to close it. 👏🏻You people are disgusting. And I’m talking about anyone who came to spread the garbage
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jen Jan 19
But our county (Maryland) threatened suspensions if the kids walked out for 🙄 being pro-choice is fine but being against getting shot is not ok.
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E.Öber 24h
You’re one bad circuit away from a thousand dollar paperweight.
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youth driven spaces 6h
MT : piece about gun violence and how it can be resolved from our Journalism fellows and Salomee Levy
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Mary Himes 2h
⁩ introduces three sensible gun safety bills. Let’s hope they pass with bipartisan support! ⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦
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Deborah L Ossege 17h
So how's his mental status? That is question No 2, No1 is why is this a good idea?
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Kris Jan 22
IVANKA the - Silent during - Silent after racist Charlottesville march - Silent during family separations at border: kids in cages - Silent during gun control When they come for one, they come for us all. russia mueller
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Leslie Jan 22
I don’t think Dr. Gu is intentionally lying, I think he genuinely got the hashtag for Marchfor life confused with the ; remember these kids were deployed as political pawns to show how opposed to women’s reproductive freedom a bunch of rich, white boys are.
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Gaiamelia📎 Jan 21
Replying to @fred_guttenberg
As a mother, who just buried her mother, I am so sorry for your suffering and the loss of your beautiful daughter. Gun safety is my number one voting issue. I will never forget.
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D. lowe 20h
Replying to @maddow @GMA
Two more words would have ended this madman joyous insane shutdown. Military have the duty to fight enemies foreign & domestic. Number one enemy of America security is Putin's double agent. Helsinki said it all. God Blessed America.
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Patsy S Kurokawa Jan 22
To limit gun datgs, we must repeal the law enacted to exempt gun manufacturers from the same product liability laws imposed on every other product in America.
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