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ManageUP Jul 14
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Vladimer Botsvadze Jul 19
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Center for Creative Leadership Jul 15
No matter what your role is at work, you need these 4 core skills:
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Growth Hackers 🚀 Jul 13
10 tips: - Share information - Say 'thanks' - Empower through delegation - Adjust your style - Set small milestones - Have fun - Give feedback - ...
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Co-Active® Jul 13
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Do We Need A New Security Centric Operating System For Humanity?
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Lolly Daskal 8h
If you want to be remembered: Be kind
 Be compassionate
 Be respectful
 Be sincere
 Be empathetic 
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Patricia Hatley 18h
When you focus on taking care of people's needs first, they will take care of business faster and at a higher level. People just want to know they are important, not just a number. Your people are human beings with souls,hopes,dreams and desires.
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Infinity Void 18h
You can accommodate new technologies, globalization, shifts in mores, changing demographics, and new discoveries.
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Call Centre Helper Jul 17
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Andre Drury Jul 19
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Lolly Daskal 13h
 1. You have to give more than you get 
 2. You have to care more about others than you care about yourself 
 3. You have to invest in yourself even though no one else is ~
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The 5 Paradigms That Are Shaping Industry 4.0 And Their Impact On Family Office Investments
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Patricia Hatley Jul 14
We are in a trust-deficient world where generations of people do not trust any organized entity unless relationships are earned and trust evolves.
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Mamokgethi Phakeng 17h
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New York Startup Lab Jul 19
Ahead of Its IPO, WeWork's Adam Neumann Reportedly Sold Shares He Owned in the Company and Took Loans Worth $700 million
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MLJuarez Jul 18
That’s because stories connect people at a uniquely human level with the things they care most about: their hunger for meaning, their desire to find purpose in work, and their dreams of prospering, growing, and contributing to society.
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MITSloan Mgmt Review Jul 19
The most limiting and dangerous mindset — the — can be found in individuals who exhibit a reckless disregard for anyone besides themselves →
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Mansoor Jul 19
We UAE people feel we happiest in world because we have sheikh Khalifa bin zayed AlNahyan and sheikh Mohammed bin zayed AlNahyan they give us everything to make us happy and they keep working to make us more happy Thank You Allah UAE
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Jumie Jul 19
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