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Nakawe Project Jul 11
WE NEED YOU, NOW! We are calling on YOU today to help us convince all governments and citizens to include Mako sharks (Isurus oxyrinchus) in Appendix II of the The PROPOSAL at this year’s world CITES CoP18 in Geneva.
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Steve De Neef Mar 22
Some good progress for the conservation of mako sharks. Both species of makos were just downgraded from “vulnerable” to “endangered” on the IUCN redlist.
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Nakawe Project Jun 24
Replying to @NakaweProject
Join us in the fight to save makos - they need you now more than ever! Take a look at our stories for ways that YOU can help support us and, most importantly, mako ! . Photo: @dserradell_photo
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Steve De Neef Mar 18
A mako shark swims by tourists near the Baja California coastline. Tourism like this is on the rise as more people are seeking out these encounters. This makes sharks more valuable alive than dead in many places.
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Nakawe Project May 31
When you get it - make sure to tag us at use the so we can show the global community just how strongly we’re standing behind makos together! Footage: ; Editing:
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