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Ryanok May 13
You mean no one is interested in watching the world poker tour on sportsnet one or brewers and Phillies in TSN?
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BKHemingway May 31
Thanks. All this worrying is .
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Jessica Simor QC Oct 15
You are struggling because there is no way you can square a circle. This is why us EU lawyers having been screaming since the agreement in December 2017. All of this is blindingly obvious and always has been!!!
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Leslie Whicher Dec 6
Replying to @BrettCMajor1
Did anyone else feel the numbers leading up to the election were being fudged to make Trudeau look good and that this was inevitable?
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Timothy Caulfield Oct 3
"Thailand Shuttered a Notorious Tiger Zoo" cc Another impact of tolerance of alternative medicine: "Thailand’s tiger zoos amount to little more than farms, which produce animal parts for a thriving black market." .
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Noe Farfan Jun 6
Replying to @MalcolmNance
Still nothing will be done
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Rosebud1313 Aug 26
Replying to @dearsusanbranch
20% percent of our oxygen from the Amazon, but the Oval occupier doesn’t want to talk about climate change.
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Lloyd like Llama 24 Jan 19
Replying to @AlbertB_71 @Netflix_CA
Co-signed. There have been a couple of occasions where I was only a couple episodes away from finishing the whole series when it was deleted.
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Jen Swanson Sep 20
Replying to @jonfavs @paulyswans
My husband and I regularly say “god, can you imagine if Obama did this” after hearing what Trump et al have done and gotten away with.
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JackTheRabbit Apr 24
Lila, why is it when a pregnant woman is killed the left agree there should be TWO murder charges? Aren't they making our point for us? Aren't they saying the child was murdered?
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Marie-ElizabethDohar Aug 28
I feel like I could schedule this tweet every fifth day... WHY NO RUN SUPPORT FOR AARON CIVALE?
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Brendan Boerner Aug 21
Wørd. I've worked with people like Dyatlov but not around nuclear material. Lawd. Part of Legasov's monologue is timeless and applies to us today -
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Jenny Hutt 4 Jan 19
OMG !! I get this all the time! Sometimes an email opens with "Hey Jenny, do you still have a show ?! If yes, I would love to pitch..." I am like- it is one google search "Just jenny" my show info is right there!
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John P Erwin III MD✭ Dec 11
Replying to @DrRyanPDaly
Did you report to ParTool?
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Cynthia Joseph Mar 27
I don't watch CNN at all anymore. I tune into most nights, cause she's so smart. I'm flummoxed by . I confess I NEVER understand his thinking. I try to read my news & gasp! think for myself. Congress needs whole report as Mueller intended.
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Elizabeth Hale - Actor Apr 9
Replying to @ericasbreamcast
Thank you! I hate the trend (especially with male name actors) of “guttural whispering” their lines! If you cannot master telling your story in s lower, controlled, but clear voice, don’t expect me to really care what your character is trying to say!
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Geri the Gerbil Apr 15
It's one of those frustrating moments when you like the art but hate their poltics. I am very keen on an Italian dramatist called Pirandello but he loved Mussolini. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
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Joe Miller III Sep 16
He’s so incredibly inaccurate.
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Vincent Wright Jun 10
I wish (and/or other entities) could call up the & ask nurses & doctors why on Earth they prescribe something with the serious side effects of Amitriptyline for FOOT pain. (Either WebMD is wrong or the nurse is: )
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GneissGirl Scoffs @ Warren The Appropriater Nov 16
Replying to @FruitKace
It’s the last vestiges of ‘white centeredness’ that makes those who need to listen incapable. They ‘know’ discrimination better simply b/c they are ‘better’. Why would they listen to the Lessors on something so complex as ‘racism/sexism/anti-LGBTQ issues?
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