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Linux Sourcerer Apr 18
Replying to @RepublikaEng
He did not talk to no we would have known in Greece. he talked to
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Macedonia_Makedonija 14h
Who will protect .? Who will protect ?
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Jason Miko 6h
Slight addendum to her statement: it will never take root, if the continue to resist it and continue to embrace, cherish, and love the name they have always had: . I have no doubt that they will. Always, Macedonia.
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Jason Miko Apr 18
The vast majority of have said it is . I agree with them.
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Akis Psilos Apr 14
Replying to @LouieKennedy7 @Omyros
Louie that’s 🐓💩. These fought against the ethnic Bulgarian komitadjis who were killing Greeks & Grecophiles. Don’t you think they already knew they were not Bulgarians? Bulgarians living in Macedonia had the option to leave after WWI!
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Bill Nicholov Apr 11
Western journalists & politicians allowed to frame their hatred of & as a "diplomatic dispute". Ignorance is not a defence. You are complicit in the eradication of my ethnic group. Read this & explain yourself.
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Bill Nicholov 12h
View of from my father's old house. Aegean was annexed by after Macedonia's tragic partition in 1913. lived there then, and live there NOW. We endure. And we fight against any imposed name & identity change.
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Alexander the Great Apr 18
I got something deep inside of me , Courage is the only thing that sets us free ⚫️⚪️
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Bill Nicholov Apr 14
"My cares about . YOU ARE A DISGRACE." That was my response to Ambassador Kati Csaba, after she told me Canada decided to support the of by recognizing "". Put yourself in our shoes.
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Republika English Apr 12
in react to racist anti-Macedonian stickers in Sydney
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