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Rainy day here🌈🌈🌈 By the way, tomorrow i have a exam. Pray for 👮
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Iomob Technology Services 1h
Iomob has made the top 50 for the for Mobility for our open platform for enterprise and our latest innovations to address by adding features to our own intermodal routing algorithms.
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Aate Petri Juola 9m
”The public and all relevant stakeholders from within and from outside the aviation sector are invited to contribute to the development and definition of the Partnership and its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda”
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Centrality (CENNZ) 25m
Congratulations to for making it to the top 50 in the for Mobility. 👏
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MyCorridor 36m
for All: Creating a User-centric, Inclusive MaaS Ecosystem. Webinar on 10 June.
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FIA Region I Jun 1
The majority of respondents welcomes the opportunity to have one single app to book all transports
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MaaS Alliance 1h
Join us in the virtual workshops on for All - find out how we can create an inclusive ecosystem
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Julia Rampello Jun 2
More than just hosting. We manage everything except the data which belongs to the customer.
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Bytemark, Inc. Jun 2
If you are attending 's Virtual Conference & Expo, be sure to stop by the "Smart Cities Pavilion" where and Brian Thompson discuss how is tackling multimodal payments for !
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Armin Schmid 18h
Johnny English - der rosarote Stubentiger
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Krista Huhtala-jenks 🤘🏼 Jun 2
Let's take care that they also have the freedom to choose from different apps/offering.
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Piia Karjalainen 6m
📣📣 Join our virtual workshop next week - joint production of and focusing on .
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's of the is just around the corner. One of the efforts during this period will be to mediate between and the . doesn't want the conflicts between those two to become irreconcilable.
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Laura Jun 2
Open architecture supports towards open ecosystem by enabling new service providers reach data. Access to data also key to more competitive markets -> more and better services to consumers
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Andrea Kühne May 29
Replying to @Reuters
German Foreign Minister is famous for his hypocrisy: PROPAGANDA is the executive arm of the invisible government plans for a new world order . He is typical German : OBEYING,..... my opinion
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Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on the sector. Yet not all of the long-term impacts will be negative for 🛴
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Cities Today Jun 3
How shared services have proven to be an essential backstop in the transportation system and a lifeline for people making essential trips during the crisis. 👉
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Claus von Hessberg Jun 2
Almost 70% of Europeans in favour of a application
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Crissy Ditmore 10h
Video 1/2 Sociologist Dr. William Julius Wilson is a Harvard University Professor that has influenced my foundation of insight in , , and . Who is a urbanist, sociologist, planner, or researcher that influences you?
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The Angus Solutions Group 19h
Using continuous carbon fiber thread in 3D prints bring a significant amount of additional performance benefits like strength and elevated temperature use.
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