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Johnny Vee 31m
When you see👀 , believe it. Sources say has proof Michael was in Prague as claims via rawstory
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Masked Diva Sep 17
The biggest distraction and abuse of power to date...the usurper in the Oval Office decides on ...declassify what you want it doesn't stop
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Arc of Justice 6m
reports is telling everthing about collusion and conspiracy to work directly with Putin to rig election.All of Trump family business practices too! New York State wants info on family.
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Sevenfold747 2h
Fmr. US Navy Intelligence & Terror expert joins with & gives detailed history of Putin & Russia’s intervention into the 2016 US Presidential election & discusses how already knows what Trump’s fixer, Cohen, knows.
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James S. Henry 28m
For those who skipped class,this is a useful Cliff Notes summary on what we know re conspiracy. No TKO; we need . But clearly (1) Ruskies really tried (2) Dems were sitting ducks (3) Steele theory is neither nec nor suffic
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R Joseph 10m
Rachel Maddow explains how Brett Kavanaugh could be removed from the Supreme Court and thrown in jail
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Phillip Lee Dabney 21m
I would love to meet with I would have the sissy bastard crying like a little girl. the most corrupt government organization on earth. and Mueller’s Mules. I listen very carefully I Scan very quickly. Russell Decatur well.
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Felipe 4m
Throwback Thursday. 2009-2018. Thomas ()
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Börger ☮ 5h
It makes me laugh when I hear people pronounce Robert 's last name as Muller, the correct pronunciation in German is Mule ler …. 😎
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Jaru Rascus James 5h
It is almost Friday again, Tweeps! What will the team have for the tomorrow? It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas every Thursday afternoon! 😄😄😄😄
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American Centrist 6h
Should agreed to be interviewed by ?
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Diane Russell 🌹 Sep 19
I'm not a fan of Sessions, but if he's going to fire the AG to obstruct the investigation, we are ready to take to the streets. Now would not be a good time to tempt America, . Not a good time at all.
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Lesley Abravanel 14h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Your WALL is asinine and ridiculous, just like you. You also have no idea what obstructing means. Just ask . He will explain. The only WALL you will see is the one between you and the outside from your prison cell. You are demented. Resign.
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R Joseph 2h
Republicans plan an 'October Surprise' in the form of a document dump and conspiracy theories
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Louise Mensch Sep 15
Hi of ! Does condone you pushing entirely made-up news stories? Dear , did you know Mark Simone got *fifteen thousand* likes on a lie he’s deleted, and are you ok with that? In the age of fake news, will radio stations stand up?
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Bella Sep 17
One word you like that's associated with Mine: INDICTMENTS
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Sonny Burnett Sep 14
Replying to @RepAdamSchiff
with the full cooperation of Paul is well on his way to taking down the !!
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rosierifka 4h
guess trump does hire the best...since now they are all working for now...;)
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Brian Frydenborg 11h
Replying to @nytimes
18-Better late than never that does a big-picture deep-dive on . But wow media really needs to step up on this & similar stories. I was immediately on top of this & way ahead of curve but editors too myopic even though probe vindicates my work
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R Joseph 11h
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Unite2020 52m
He is why I believe they are rushing . is about to wrap up the investigation and the needs someone on their side to thwart the results. know this as well and so they want to hold the vote a little while longer.
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