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💧Simon Rosenberg Jul 12
's victims were “girls”, “children” or “underage”. But the use by many in of the nonsensical term “underage women” reveals a disturbing cultural impulse: a need to empathize with (certain) accused men.
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Gary McMurray Jul 11
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
SO SAD that the is consumed by ratings and looks to non- to try to boost his low approval ratings! Trying to get back in the game via the isn't going to change the facts: is a !
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Phil Bell Jul 9
Replying to @lachlan
You know what's really wild? The minute gets arrested, the tries to distract the country with this. You all don't care about reporting the care about controlling our behavior. Sorry, but we're no longer part of your Matrix!
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Mustard Seed Mission 16h
"Any orphan is my responsibility if he or she is not being well taken care" said Lilian Dickson, founder of The Mustard Seed Mission. 📸Lilian Dickson holding a child from Children’s Home. Since 1950s, she helped vulnerable children all over Taiwan.
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@LindenLyn #JC4PM2019  #AlstonReport 8h
Yep. Heard that this morning. 6 in 10000 is tiny. This fact has to be corrected by us because our is broken These are journalists who are know the importance of . How do they sleep at night?
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Fiore DiNotte 24h
So the are doing their best to create a distraction over . His ex is reuniting with him blah blah. The real story: he has long been sailing on the ship o' underage rapist fools.
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Scott Atkins Jul 6
Hilarious. The and countless celebs like this dork have been calling us crazy for telling them for two straight years that the pedophiles would go down on watch. Now it's happening and straight out of playbook, it's Trump's fault.
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michael Jul 13
mass rallies against the neoliberal establishment continues unabated. have maintained their deafening silence & the left have ignored this unprecedented violence is the order of the day but the demand for justice continues. let the Bourgeoisie tremble..
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Roadkill Wallaby Reef Foundation 💧 17h
Sobering reality of the . Every single shark attack on humans gets sensationally covered in corporate mainstream media but have they ever covered the fact that 2 million sharks are slaughtered for every human killed?
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#helen#jc4pm#cgig 4h
Replying to @ToryFibs
They (when I said they before I was immediately questioned....whos they, the Jews. Obvs was responding to tweet, which she was pointing out to fellow mps and )are so terrified of the goodness and decency of the likes of Corbyn and pidcock They know an
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SeaTurt1e 7h
Replying to @lovechnts
Please tell me this is another internet hoax. (I've not seen anything about it on the . If not, this is yet another, horrific demonstration of and her stalker/killer should get the maximum possible penalty.
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FutureDanger Tyranny 8h
ABC Ignores Clinton Connection to Dem Donor Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein HeatMap Column 1>
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💧Maggie Bird 13h
Replying to @AngelinaRHurley
That is an out & out Lie - why is she never asked to produce proof of her disgusting racist damaging demeaning diatribe EVER just run a New Idea Style If Journalism no fact lots of unchallenged fiction ! Grrrr! 😡
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crafthead21 Jul 12
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Sabrina Balfour 8h
Child sex abuse survivor who was abused by a priest will be deported from Australia to NZ. Not in my name Dutton, after a Royal Commission and all the accepted research on childhood trauma. Big thanks to Austarlian for ignoring the story
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💧Maggie Bird 15h
Replying to @AaronDodd
& he blamed the child victims ! & it was his father !? Why are not turning a light on this unhealthy association etc ?
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💧Denise Allen #BabyBoomerReformer #BBReformer 18h
Does know he'll be dining with an alleged rapist of a 13yo girl?
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Col. Rob Maness ret. 19h
absolute crickets from the . it is up to all of us
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Lorraine McDonagh 21h
We need to be monitoring more than just needs of - mental and physical health calls for more holistic view of men's health YES!
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Zugly747 Jul 14
Replying to @MSNBC
I guess trying to pretend they’re objective went out with the 20th Century is to the as Pravda was to Stalin
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