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Nafees Fazal 35s
Beautifully put a rare Commodity Match VS BDesh in the T20 format we were on verge of defeat in Blore when gave Bumrah last over to bowl stunned as he was infamous for No Balls ,s persistence paid rich dividends now an invaluable
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Preamble आज़ाद 🇮🇳 Jan 15
The only difference b/w innings in 2nd & innings at is that was having support at the other end {Rohit, rayudu, } whereas was running out of partners, otherwise his innings was, is also as greater like Kohli's
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Dindigul Thalapathi Fans💥💥💥🚬🚬🚬 7h
10 years before and after
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Kavirajan Sakthivel 🇮🇳 Jan 15
Replying to @msdhoni
Well did not give that chance. Back to back 50s. back to form.
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amitava 9h
The greatest finisher MS Dhoni-- The mind of a computer unaccessable for mere mortals
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Baladur Sridharreddy 7h
Replying to @BCCI @msdhoni
Once a king always a king that is
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Reigns Ankit 4h
Just look at the -COOLNESS keep it up
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Illiterate Professor Jan 14
journey from a hero cricketer to a zero cricketer ! What a transformation, Dhoni.
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Kundan Pandey Jan 15
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Vedha Vyas Jan 12
Mahi maar raha haii we have hope till on ground .. great comeback
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Methacton Schools 12h
SAVE THE DATE: Kindergarten Readiness Program will take place at Arcola Intermediate School Auditorium on February 21, 2019 (snow date February 28, 2019) from 7:00p.m - 8:00p.m. For more information and to REGISTER for this FREE event, visit .
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Swords Express 43m
Today is museum selfie day .... yep, pop along to a museum and snap the evidence that you were there!
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PrabaAran Jan 15
If a dog barks at a Sun, it doesn't dim the brightness of a Sun hope you will understand what I'm saying
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Kavin 8h
Replying to @ChennaiIPL
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Beingndian Jan 16
Replying to @Riteshmishra001
D only batsman who didnt hesistate to play test innings n t20 and one day even after 4 years of retirement from it Simplicity level
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Manish Raj Jan 15
is not a spended time whose can never back again.
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SUNEO Jan 15
Replying to @AnirudhChaudhry
What Select for T20 World Cup ?
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Orange_Theory Jan 15
And nails it again in style..!!
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MSDRhaimz 16h
The mad ones are the sane ones, I already know what to expect from them.
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