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Scott Mills 3h
Excited to announce I’m running for on 7 October! Please sponsor me on the link below or text SCMI88 £3 (or whatever you’d like to give) to 70070 to help stop
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lomelindi12 17h
May I ask my friends a Q? When you were told you had progressed from RRMS to SPMS (if that’s how it happened to you) - did it feel as bad as/worse than your original DX?
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Janice Dean 9h
Replying to @JaniceDean
Please watch the video of you can. All of us who have need support groups to get us through the toughest days.
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Lisa 👢 Sep 20
💉 I am so done with Tummy Thursday, Stomach Saturday & Tummy Tuesday! I guess my fat moves too much cos this hurts like a #&×*%!
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Bev Wright 22h
Another night dreaming I could run 😳 I hope it’s an omen 🤞
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CNHS 10h
What do diet, lifestyle, & a healthy gut microbiome have to do with management & progression? Come to our 1 day educational seminar in Halifax to hear the latest research on these topics & more! Entry by donation; lunch included. Registration & info:
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Hamish Bode Sep 19
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A little bit about me - I’m 32, I was diagnosed with RR MS in May2016, I try to make light of my MS where I can because I’d rather laugh than cry
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MS:Spread Love 38m
When U apparently start loving everything around 😅 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Bruce Gann Sep 16
Completed our first MS walk we only raised $210 this year but it was a good time
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National MS Society 15h
Funding MS priorities is critical to help those affected by to live their best lives. Urge your U.S. Representatives to pass the LHHS/Defense minibus spending bill next week!
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kenthemser Sep 13
I once read that a person with primary progressive MS lives an average of 20 years from date of diagnosis. I'm at 27 years since diagnosis, and counting! And I sure as hell don't plan on exiting stage left anytime soon. Rock on, MSers!
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OhioHealthMS 6m
Check this out! Using virtual reality to learn neuro-immunology! Amazing!
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Kelli Butler🎶#OperaGeek Sep 18
When I was a kid I thought love was stupid & silly. Then, I met my husband, who I love immensely. When I was a kid, I thought I knew what hating something meant. Then the husband I love was diagnosed with . And now I know what & really are.
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Cammie LaValle Sep 20
Replying to @SenTinaSmith
Theres a whole side of opioid ( fentanyl, heroin & illicit use) crisis u have not touched on. Over 100 million Americans suffer from acute,chronic or intractable pain; whether from severe injuries, combat wounds, , . Millions r being denied vital medication.
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Leena Fayed Sep 15
An MS myth : MS is the same for everyone. That’s not true because MS can attack different areas of the brain, spinal cord, or optic nerves, symptoms can vary from person-to-person.
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Ade Couper 9h
Replying to @LexusBradbury
Not too bad thanks- keeping going (despite the !), running a stall at tomorrow! Be good to catch up sometime xxx
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NFNicole🐢🐘🐆🐾 2h
Replying to @Not_Interesting
My MRI so I can get treatment for this occipital neuralgia problem more! When I can’t move I can’t be on hold for 4 hours and then speak coherently. Where’s the advocate or organization that wants to help me? I’m a face of too.
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Patty Long Sep 20
Today is 9-Ball night. Yay!! I’m finishing laundry waiting on the last load to dry. Should I take a walk or take that dreaded shower! I feel like a little kid, ‘No Mommy. I don’t wanna take a bath.” I think I’m going walking. 😆🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️
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Gennaro D'Anna, MD Sep 17
Poster printed! Now it’s all ready for !
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