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UK Biobank 5h
looking to work in the largest research study in UK? Want to diversify your skills- learn US/ DXA? Work with us
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David Bluemke 19h
RADIOLOGY new this week: LI-RADS and EOB liver MRI: Strong separation of prognosis according to LI-RADS classification.
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PDC Caring MR Suites 12m
It's the best time of the year! See us at 's to learn how our can help reduce cases by >than %50 & pay for itself in <than 2 years.
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Darren Hudson 1h
Love a good session with 😍 Great for our cohort to support their learning and development styles... 👍🏻❤️💛💚💙
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Tom Kim 9h
😅 I visited my neuro-oncologist at 8am this morning for a check-up. No today, although he did surprise me with an examination by a second-year neuro-oncological resident who ran me through a...
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Can 7-tesla MRI make the transition to clinical prime time? Several U.S. sites are now performing clinical studies.
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David Zinn 2h
Preclinical study shows lingering effect of linear GBCAs via
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Aboo Bane Nov 15
I had to do my scan today, I was in there for nearly two hours! I felt like I was literally buried alive in the grave... 😩
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AB Normal 🐈 Nov 16
So glad I finally got scheduled for my knee for next week, this pain is getting ridiculous already. 🙄😡
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Errin spooniesnaps 19h
Happy Monday all! Looks who's out in the world at 8am on a Monday. Believe me there was a lot of swearing at the alarm! This morning's main event was a . My third MRI this…
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Janice Dean 22h
Crazy things that I can do: fall asleep in an machine.
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Mercy IC Careers 1h
Do you want a career where you can make a difference to patients? We want to meet you! Click here for information on our MRI/CT Technician Opportunities now!
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Dr.MaríaJ.DíazCandamio Nov 18
Quantitative Contrast-Enhanced Perfusion for the benign- characterization of musculoskeletal tumors had fair sensitivity and poor specificity
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ECM Fisioterapisti 49m
bone marrow oedema precedes lumbar bone stress injury diagnosis in junior elite cricket fast bowlers
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Matt Ward Nov 18
Huge Breakthrough. They can now use to see anywhere inside the body at the resolution of the smallest neuron in the brain (6 microns) yes it works through skin and bone including the skull. Faster imaging than and too! Full brain…
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Ultrasound Art Nov 18
Over worldprematurebabyday we think of all the little fighters. One of whom is beautiful Baby Beth, who was captured before she was born in an incredible scan photo (scroll to see!).…
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Anagha Sawant 7h
machine at BYL yet to be fully operational; patients referred to Sion Hospital via
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WANTED! Work on a pioneering to improve the lives of future generations helping to prevent serious & life threatening conditions. based. at: @ SCORMembers
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Spec. Teleradiology 23h
Own a imaging center? Make your employees’ workloads lighter by outsourcing your interpretations to our team. More information is on our website:
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Moira Nov 19
Facing the cold for Spinoza part 3
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